View Full Version : dragonite

Typhlosion King
08/26/2008, 06:41 PM
Does dragonite have any potential? It's flippy, but very easy to get out by t3 if you use it with kyogre. And, it can do 100+ damage without discarding. It just looks like a fun card to play.

08/26/2008, 06:49 PM
Not at all...its a binder card...

3 :colorless for 40 damage and if heads discard 1 energy attached to the defending? Horrible...

4 :colorless and you flip for each pokemon your opponent has in play and do 50 damage to that if its heads? that even worse

Now if you could choose who you do the damage to after you flip then MAYBE it would be somewhat playable but you just choose a pokemon and flip a coin...Heads = 50 damage , Tails = 0 damage and try the next pokemon

Definately not playable at all because of the high energy cost attacks and low damage output