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07/19/2004, 01:17 PM
Scizor and a friend came up and stayed at my house for the night for a easier drive making it an hour instead of three hours, left my house at 730 because my ride was running late, so we get to Berkeley around 810, and takes us 40 minutes to find the place because we took a wrong exit -_-;. regardless, get there meet up with Levi. Scizor introduces meh to the soCal players and yeah, we start at 11.

As usual, I played my Blaze.

Round 1 - v. Rambo

This guy had a trip, I didn't feel like asking for him to conceed because I figured he wouldn't, I get an awful draw which I found out was pretty good compared to my draws for the rest of the day, it was a pretty ghetto deck, I didn't see any Quaza, just like two dittos, Two Chic of mine were prized which didn't really help, I only managed to kill a bex, it was pretty weak, he took the last prize when time was called.


Round 2 - v. Gardevior / Metagross
He goes first, sleeps my Sparce, I flip tails, I oracle for catty and a tvr, i end, flip heads, and he's like good game, he wally's into Gex, which is a no can do, call over judge over ruled, he flips heads on Life Drain w/ Kirlia, I get setup, and he loses ;x


Round 3 - v. Charizard(EXP) / Arcanine / Wobbuffett
This was pathetic really, my draws almost cost me this, I would of had a Turn 2 BEX if his lone active wasn't wobby, I just saw him discard Charizard and I saw a Growlithe, Wobby gave him 4 Prizes, yah it was pretty awful, with only 1 blaze the whole game cuz again two chic prized =/. I needed an nrg to kill the lone wobby for a 4 card CC and i managed to get 1.


Round 4 - v. Typhlosion ex (Rep13)
I've heard soo much about this deck from Scizor, Strike and its really good, so I wanted to see, sO I get a nice hand, but no energy, Advice for 5 and TVR two turns, no energy, so when I get blaze up finnaly, I see i have like 2 fire in discard which was pretty bad, he gets turn 4 Typhlo I think, I managed to quaza that like 3 turns later -_-;, but he manages to get another one, while my torchics loved being prized as two more were prized again. I lose cuz of Ring of Fire? Regardless, GG.


So I have to win out now, to make t16. Lets continue...

Round 5 - v. Gardevior / Ninetales ex
This was my friend, this deck is good and bad, the tales is really annoying. but, I finnaly got a decent start, and I managed to prize him 0-4, But I think he threw the game since his son won a invite @ nats, and then won a trip later that day. Thanks =)


Round 6 - v. Beutifly/Dustox/Regice ex
Once again I had energy problems early, and his regice cleaned for 3 prizes, but once I quazaed it, it was basicly over, I got 2 Blaze a Bex out and cleaned him, and this guy was a total jerk afterward, I offered my hand and said good game, and he didn't want to shake because "I copied my deck off the internet" play something original, riight buddy, been playing blaze since october, hang in there blaze/eggs. Then my friends saw him talking to Dave S, and then later he came up to me and apolized to me for being a jerk and shook my hand.


So I wait, and Scizor see's the pairings that BDs had in his and he saw my name right above the cut off line, which means I made T16 as #16 ;x ...

Top 16

T16 - v. Gardevior

I dont remember much about this, but he gets GEX, while my Sparce stalls a bit, I then quaza him, then I switch, Boost my Bex to kill his gardy, and all he had was lone wobbys and my blaze swarm took that down, im up 1-0

Next game, He gets trash, gets a regular gardy on me, but I got my blaze swarming, and I took it. Wow, my deck acually showed up O_O. lol. I win the match 2-0.

T8 v. Flygod (Paul A.)
Ive also heard a lot about this deck, as people underestimate it, coughMARTINcough, and won on a flip hahah, but regardless, I start with lone quaza, and then a nice god god start going, I got setup before he did which gave me the win, he conceeded knowing he couldn't come back. 1-0
I get an awful start, Two Chic are prized, and thats new. He gets a nice start, two catty / two magneton by turn 3, but has energy problems ;x which i think let me have this game, I boosted my catty after a wp to kill one of his catty, while his other one had 5 counters and I just rock tmed for the win, 2-0

T4 v. Rambo
Didn't expect top 4 cuz its me, but regardless, I got my usual T4 Luck, with Trash Hand and No Draw, unlike v. Pooka at nats, my Torchic / Skitty Swarm did nothing -_-, if I would of just drawn Quaza I would of won, cuz like he had a lone manectric and i had multi / fire in my hand -_-. 0-1

Same as last game, but I managed little draw in this, I stil have a trash hand, and he gets setup, I managed to kill a blaze but thats it, draw came a little too late. 0-2

Oh well, finished 4th and got an invite.

If Scizor lost in T4, him and I would of had to playoff for the trip since kevin already had one, but Scizor won, but if he lost I would of just conceeded to him so both of us can go, as he would take me.

Chad getting trip to worlds, and not being #1 in swiss =P.
Reed getting trip to worlds.
Fulop getting trip to worlds
YJ getting trip to worlds ;)
Andrew(hyper eevee) for getting an invite.
Levi for being soo awesome.
Everyone who tested with me online for the past couple weeks ;x.too many to name
Chris for being a pwnage judge.
GLB / BDS for doing a sweet job with the tourney
Meeting everyone, too many to name ;x plus im horrid w/ names ;x
Wes for getting his usual bad draws
Jerk that played me in Round 6
My awful draws all day.
Jermy for not going to ecsc and not going to worlds.

I know I frogot something in props / slops, so if I did, aim me or whatever and ill edit it.

Ill be going to worlds if Scizor takes me with his companion, but thats the only way i'm gonna be going.


07/19/2004, 01:39 PM
Nice job, man. Glad I get ter meet you at worlds, yo ;x

~John Patty-cakes

07/19/2004, 02:16 PM
great job on your invite!!

hope to see ya at Worlds!

07/19/2004, 02:18 PM
GJ Truk! =D Hopefully I'll see you at Worlds.

07/19/2004, 02:23 PM
way to go man...cant wait to see ya at worlds

07/19/2004, 02:25 PM
Excellent report Truk. Congratulations to both you and Chad for making it. It was nice meeting you and beating you. I missed my chance here but you can be sure to so me at the grinders. Good luck to you and Chad at Worlds.

07/19/2004, 02:38 PM
Wes for getting his usual bad draws

Hehe =P What did you expect? Nice job =)


07/19/2004, 02:44 PM
GJ man! You better make it to worlds. :)

07/19/2004, 02:48 PM
Way to go man, Chad better take you or hes a dead man ;x

07/19/2004, 07:03 PM
nice report Truk it was nice meetin you and talkin to you. GL at worlds

07/19/2004, 09:06 PM
Thanks everyone =).

07/20/2004, 11:08 AM
I second what MM said =)

Nice job TRUK, I was rooting for you... remember the fate thing you were talking bout? LOL, we both get 2 losses in swiss, both get 4th, rofl... I guess you were right ^_^

I get an awful start, Two Chic are prized, and thats new.

ROFL, man, those Torchics were just scared of coming into play...

07/21/2004, 09:43 PM
*clears throat*

While I was a jerk after the sixth round, my talking with Dave had nothing to do with our match.

I had some questions about intentional draws if you must know.

What I said in my apology I meant...