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12/11/2008, 07:44 AM
The main point of the deck is to get empoleon out fast and hit with big damage.


4-3-3-1 Empoleon X (Piplup, Prinplup, 2 Empoleon are DP and the other Empoleon is MD)
2-2 Sharpedo
2-2 Abomasnow (1 of each snover and Abomasnow from the 2 sets)
1 Azelf LA
1-1 Claydol
2-2 Mantine
2 Corsola
Total = 28

Trainers, Supporters, Stadium:

2x TS-1
1x Roseannes Research
2x Professor Rowan
2x Cynthia's Feeling
4x Bebe's Search
2x Pokedrawer
1x Luxury Ball
1x Premier Ball
1x Rare Candy
Total = 16


16 :water: energy

im just a newbie and i like empoleon so i put it in a deck with some other ards that i thought would be cool so here it is.
i know it needs fixes so any suggestions are welcome.

12/11/2008, 08:04 AM
-1 DP Empo
+1 MD Empo

-2 Mantyke
+1-1 Claydol

just some starting advice, i made this same sort of deck when i just started.

Victory Bell
12/11/2008, 10:44 AM
-2 corsala
-2-2 sharpedo
-2 cynthia
-1 rowan
-1 prinplup
-4 water

+1-1 claydol
+3 rare candy
+3 roseannes
+2 pokedrawer
+4 call nrg
+1-1 Abomasnow
+2 uxie

This is the basic changes for speed Empobama (Emopleon/Abomasnow)
Sharpedo doesent realy help your strategy just takes up space and makes Empo harder to get out, and
claydol/uxies should be used in any stage 2 deck to increse flow and speed.
Hope this helps and good luck:thumb: