View Full Version : Darkrai Double Sleep vs. Bronzong MD

12/11/2008, 10:12 AM
Let's say Bronzong MD is double sleeped by Darkrai (whichever one double sleeps the defending). Inbetween turns, both Bronzong's body activates and the Bronzong player has to flip for sleep.

Which effect is applied first? If the Bronzong player flips two tails, are they KO'd now, or at the end of the inbetween turn stage?


12/11/2008, 01:26 PM
Remember, order doesn't matter so much for between turns anymore.
Bronzong doesn't have the text that it has to "remain active between turns" like some of the FRLG cards had, so it doesn't matter if it get's KO'd between turns.
Remember, KO's are not checked for until the very last thing between turns.
Bronzong gets to place it's damage counters even if it's knocked out.