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Medium Kevin
07/21/2004, 01:40 PM
Tuesday, 7/14, I am in Vietnam. Wednesday, 7/15, I am in Japan. Thurday, 7/16, I am in LA and drive back to San Diego. Friday, 7/16, drive up to Berkeley. I was on vacation and decided to leave early JUST for the WCSC. I told my friend, Matt, that I wasn’t going to make it b/c of his ‘change of plans’. Although, I did.
The place was alright. It would have been better if it was in LA or SD. There were tables for each age group and their were extra table for side events. Posters from previous tournaments were put up all around the room. Enough with description…its 11 o’clock and the tourney begins.

The deck I played with was a Gardevoir/ex, Delcatty/ Magneton Deck.

Round 1 - Emmanuel? - Sandshrew/Beautifly/Gardy ex

He was a beginner I guess, but the first couple turns kinda scared me. I started with a dunsparce but he started with a sandshrew! I was getting damaged 20-40 a turn b/c of weakness and poison. I even had to ‘run’ another dunsparce out and use potions to let him not draw an easy prize. I finally get things running with gardy and gardy ex. Out of nowhere, he gets his own gardy ex out too. But I k.o it and win by no bench. Not bad for a beginner.


Round 2 - Kenny? – Wobbuffet/ ?

Remember him starting with a lone wobbuffet and me starting with…a good start. I got out a gardy second turn and k.o.’d his lonely fett. ‘nuff said.


Round 3 - Zhen H. – Gardevoir

This guy went 5-1 I think and was placed #1 after the 6 rounds. He got out his pokemon pretty quick with wynaut. I got mine out with ‘sparce. He had wobbuffet and gardy out, and I got my gardy’s out. I don’t remember too much about this match. All I remember is getting the win.


Round 4 - Ryan W. – Blaziken/ex

This was a good game, though, I had a terrible start. I used an oracle and waited several turns before I got something going. He got out his blazikens and blex and I got out gardy.ex. hoping to knock out his blex, he nursed it, which messed me up big time. Time ran out and he won by prize count.


Round 5 - A Dad that I think had a friend/family member in the t16 – Blaziken

I already had one loss and I knew having 2 losses would give me slim chances of getting into t16. Winning here was crucial. At start, I got out things pretty quickly. He had a bit trouble getting out his blaziken’s but got some help with delcatty. He did fire stream several times and ko’d my gardy. What came up next was one of my favorite highlights of the day. Time was running low and he had two delcatty’s out, one with 40 dmg on it. He also had a blaziken with 80 dmg and a blaziken that was rare candied (some of you may already know what im getting to). I pull out a gardevoir and use ATM [Rock]. I knock out 2 pokemon and also put blaziken back to the hand. After that, he really couldn’t do much. Time runs out I win by prizes. It was either 1to4 or 1to5.


Round 6 - Matt D. – Thyphlosion ex

A good friend from San Diego. I was hoping to face him during the last round b/c we were both 4-1. To my surprise, I do face him. We both agree to draw the match which would guarantee us in the t16. Not was it just us two agreeing to draw, but everyone at the first 5 tables did.


I made t16 at #9. Ironically, I had to play a friend from San Diego, Nick E., during the 1st round. All the decks were checked. Sleeves were checked also to see if there were any markings. People wait and t16 finally starts.

Nick E. – Gardyvoir/ex

Round 1
I got some of the worst draws ever. I had 2 gardy’s, Gex, and rare candy in my hand, but no ralts or kirlia’s to play them. I finnaly get a kirlia but Nick reversals it out and k.o’d it. I run out of luck and he draws his last prize. 0-1
Round 2
I luckily get a good hand and pull out gardy/ex quickly. I start knocking out his pokemon before he can do major damage. Before I knew it, I get the win. 1-1
Round 3
Time was getting low and we rush to shuffle and getting started. We knew that whoever had the least amount of prizes at the end of time would win. If I am correct, he reversals out my kirlia with 2 energies and uses ralts link blast to k.o it. Luckily, I get out my gardy in time and knock out his ralts. Time was called and we were tied on prizes. At this point, it was his turn and he had a kirlia with an energy on it. I could just sense a gardy/ex coming out next turn. He puts a sparce active and hopes it doesn’t get k.o’d. I was hoping to draw a boost b/c that would end the game but didn’t. I energy draw with my delcatty and luckily the second card was a boost. I throw down it down and end the game. (Sometime during the game I also used ATM [rock] on his Gex which saved me for a while). 2-1

Top 8
Ryan W. – Blaziken/ex

Round 1
I start my turn with Strike and Run and end my turn. During his turn, I noticed that I forgot to attach the energy in my hand and judges arise. Luckily I get only a caution, even though it didn’t affect the game. A bit fuzzy after this. I got out what I needed and get all my prizes. 1-0
Round 2
Don’t remember too much on this match. I remember him getting out his blex though. I also remember winning. 2-0

Top 4
Chad H. – Metagross/ex/ Gorbyss

Round 1
He had me this game. He got out his metagross and I got out my gardy/ex. Well, if you don’t know, metagross totally kills gardy/ex (psyshic pokemon w. psychic resist). Quick loss here.0-1
Round 2
I got out what I needed and that’s all that mattered. I attack with gardy and start knocking out pokemon. I even use a boost to k.o a sparce. He really couldn’t do anything so he gives me the win.1-1
Round 3
Time was low just when we started. Like the 3rd game with nick, less prizes wins. He brings out gorbyss and quickly knocks out one of my pokemon. I needed just a couple turns to tie the game at this point. It was his turn and I knew during my next turn I would knock out one of his pokemon for the tie. As I was waiting anxiously to draw my card and Chad staring at his hand, a judge yells out what people either would love or hate to hear, “TIME!” As for me, I hated it. Man oh man. If there was just one more minute added to time, even just 30 seconds, I would have tied the game and even won. 1-2

I think if it weren’t for ‘time’, games would end up different. Oh well, I got 3rd.

Props to:
· My uncle for driving up the Berkeley
· Everyone that came
· Having most of SoCal in the Top 16
· Jerry D. winning 1st in the unlimited tourney :)
· All the judges

Slops to:
· Kevin N. getting 9th for the top 8 cut for 11-14 Division :mad:
· ‘Someone’ that couldn’t drive me b/c he also had to “bring other family members to visit his Aunt”…not including him, his mom, his niece, and another player…in a PT cruiser.
· Having to drive up to Berkeley from San Diego
· ‘Time’

(I may have left some info out. Some info might be wrong b/c I don’t remember it too much. Srry.)

-Medium Kevin

07/21/2004, 04:11 PM
Great report.
it was great meeting u. Congrates on ur 3rd.
Ur gardy/catty/magneton rocks against my gardy. It was a great game.
Hope to see again sometime.

07/21/2004, 09:29 PM
You should of conceeded to Ryan in T8 =/.

07/22/2004, 01:19 PM
Hey Kevin, nice going making the big jump across to 15+ with great success. Thanks for the report; I didn't get to see much across in 15+ with 11-14 and then judging sides.

You cut off a trip in Asia to get back for PKMN? Yikes! The trip up North and back killed me, too. The silver lining is, I love hanging out at Cal and hadn't been in a while.

How does Chad do it when he shows up all over So Cal? We wonders, ysss.

07/22/2004, 11:45 PM
nice report i might see you at worlds i got the invite dont know if the parental untit will take me yet. Congrats