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07/30/2004, 07:14 AM
On August 29, 2004 (that's a Sunday), Lincoln, NE will have a FireRed/LeafGreen prerelease tournament! The entry fee is $15.00, and of course, it's a Sealed Format. I will be the head judge at the event. Be there before 12:00 noon, just in case! It's at HobbyTown USA (66th and "O" Street). Here are some general directions; here are a few pointers about Lincoln:
*The numbered streets go north/south. The major ones are 27, 33, 40, 48, 56, 70, and 84.
*The lettered streets go east/west.
*It's not very hard to navigate Lincoln (or I'm just directionally inclined).

Here are some basic directions. This is my recommendation only.

~From Interstate 80~
Exit the interstate at exit number 409 (gitty-up!). Take a left (south) at the traffic light. You will be on Highway 6. Follow the highway to 70th Street and take a LEFT turn at 70th. You'll travel a long way. About four or five miles from Highway 6, you will find a crosswalk with a creek and Mazatlan. Take a RIGHT turn at Mazatlan, follow the parking lot straight, and keep going until you see the Russ's Market on your left. You should be able to see HobbyTown to the right, across the parking lot (it's in the small strip mall).

~From Lincoln (Lincolnites only)~
I think you know Lincoln well enough to find East Park Plaza! :p

~From Nebraska Highway 2~
Take Highway 2 until you get to 70th Street. Turn north to 70th, and proceed straight until you get to "O" Street (about six miles). Turn LEFT at "O" Street, and then RIGHT at 66th Street. Just turn RIGHT at "R" Street and you'll see HobbyTown. It's up to you to find your parking spot!

~From Highway 77~
Take the exit of West O Street. Go east, east, east (about six plus miles) until you get to 66th Street. Take a LEFT turn there, and then a RIGHT at "R" Street. Once again, just find somewhere to park, come into HobbyTown, and get ready to battle with all-new cards!

PRIZES: I don't know exactly what they will be right now, but I do believe that everyone wins something (in addition to their entry packs, of course!).

SIDE EVENTS: For people new to the game or not comfortable with the sealed format, we will have a Theme Deck Challenge (one of the theme decks and 3 booster packs to build a 60-card deck).

OTHER INFORMATION: There is still subject to change, of course! I'll edit this if anything comes up. Also,do NOT bring any of your own cards (even Basic Energy; we'll have enough provided by PUI). If you are at League (every Friday from 4 to 6), you may pre-pay in order to pre-register for the tournament.

Here is what you should bring:
*The $15.00 entry fee (unless you pre-registered).
*Your POP ID card (we can hook you up with one if you don't have one).
*Damage counters, dice, coins, etc. (whatever you use as notation and randomizers in the game).
*You may want to bring your GBA with a Pokémon game; perhaps there will be a GBA side event (maybe?). I'd like to mix records too!
*Protective sleeves, if you so desire.
*Anything else I'm forgetting?

EDITED: Corrections and additions.

08/12/2004, 10:50 AM
If there's any Nebraskans or others that will come, I'd like to know. Of course, everyone is welcome!