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Gym Leader Blaine
08/02/2004, 07:08 PM
Since the list of Prerelease tournaments is up on the PUI website, thought I would start the Attendance thread so everyone can find one close to them. Mods please sticky for me. Thanks :D

North American Prereleases

Mission: Fun & Games 8/28/04 St. Albert AB-CA

Skyfox Games 8/21/04 Oshawa ON-CA

Gamer's Lair 8/28/04 Barrie ON-CA

The BookShelf 8/28/04 Thunder Bay ON-CA

Arlequin Hobbies 8/28/04 Mexico DF Mex DF

Arlequin Hobbies 8/28/04 Mexico DF Mex DF

Hotel Howard Johnson MacroPlaza 8/22/04 Monterrey NL

Card Zone 8/29/04 Guadalupe NL

Gamers Den 8/28/04 Cancun Quintana Roo

La Boveda 8/29/04 Veracruz Veracruz

Gamer's Edge 8/26/04 Chandler AZ

Bases Cards & Comics 8/21/04 Lancaster CA
Had a total of=42 (10&Under=3;11thur14=18;15&UP=19)

Kriers Cards & Comics 8/21/04 Modesto CA
Had a total of=21 (10&Under=2;11thur14=7;15&UP=12)

Paladin Gaming 8/22/04 Bakersfield CA
Had a total of=20 (10&Under=1;11thur14=8;15&UP=11)

Pair-A-Dice-Games 8/28/04 Vista CA
Had a total of=61 (10&Under=11;11thur14=19;15&UP=28)

Legends Gaming @ Vallco Mall 8/28/04 Cupertino CA
Had a total of=46 (10&Under=13;11thur14=18;15&UP=12)

BW Newport Mesa Inn 8/29/04 Costa Mesa CA
Had a total of=56 (10&Under=3;11thur14=18;15&UP=35)

Hobby Town USA 8/21/04 Lakewood CO

Dalez Kardz & Komicz 8/28/04 Colorado Springs CO

Past Present Future Comics 8/28/04 West Palm Beach FL
Had a total of=30 (10&Under=?;11thur14=?;15&UP=?)

Baseball Card Clubhouse 8/28/04 Tampa FL

Outland Station 8/29/04 Coral Gables FL

Gathering Place Games 8/29/04 Casselberry FL
Had a total of=57 (10&Under=?;11thur14=?;15&UP=?)

Mayhem Collectibles 8/28/04 Ames IA
Had a total of=32 (10&Under=7;11thur14=8;15&UP=17)

Magic Dragon Games 8/21/04 Boise ID
Had a total of=20 (10&Under=3;11thur14=4;15&UP=13)

Dizzy Dugout 8/21/04 Collinsville IL

Pastimes 8/29/04 Niles IL
Had a total of=27 (10&Under=6;11thur14=5;15&UP=16)

GenCon Indianapolis, IN
Friday Had a total of=28 (10&Under=3;11thur14=3;15&UP=22)
Saturday Had a total of=24 (10&Under=3;11thur14=7;15&UP=14)
Sunday Had a total of=10 (10&Under=0;11thur14=1;15&UP=9)

Moose Lodge Conference Room 8/28/04 LaGrange IN

Cromwell Community Center 8/29/04 Cromwell IN

Collector's Cache 8/22/04 Overland Park KS

Dragon 8/28/04 West Springfield MA
Had a total of=14 (10&Under=3;11thur14=4;15&UP=7)

TJ Collectibles 8/29/04 Milford MA
Had a total of=44 (10&Under=12;11thur14=11;15&UP=21)

Dream Wizards 8/22/04 Rockville MD
Had a total of=27 (10&Under=2;11thur14=9;15&UP=16)

Eagle Hill 8/28/04 Presque Isle ME

Outpost 2000 & Beyond 8/22/04 Brooklyn Park MN

Dragon King Games 8/21/04 St. Peters MO
Had a total of=22 (10&Under=?;11thur14=?;15&UP=?)

The Gathering Ground 8/28/04 St. Louis MO
Had a total of=30 (10&Under=?;11thur14=?;15&UP=?)

Gamer's Pair-A-Dice 8/28/04 Sedalia MO

Meta-Games 8/29/04 Springfield MO

Valhalla's Gate 8/29/04 Columbia MO

The Game Zone 8/29/04 Ridgeland MS

Underground Games 8/21/04 Charlotte NC

Game Haven 8/28/04 Winston-Salem NC
Had a total of=33 (10&Under=5;11thur14=9;15&UP=19)

Holiday Inn 8/29/04 Cary NC
Had a total of=30 (10&Under=12;11thur14=10;15&UP=8)

Hobbytown USA 8/29/04 Lincoln NE

Time Warp Comics & Games 8/28/04 Cedar Grove NJ

Hidden Treasures 8/28/04 Las Cruces NM

Heroes Playground 8/29/04 Las Vegas NV

King's Games 8/21/04 Brooklyn NY

Pokémon Center NY 8/29/04 New York NY

Ohio Wesleyan University 8/28/04 Delaware OH
Had a total of=34 (10&Under=6;11thur14=9;15&UP=20)

Pandemonium 8/29/04 Garden City OH

The Game 8/28/04 Midwest City OK
Had a total of=49 (10&Under=6;11thur14=14;15&UP=28)

Dragons Alley 8/28/04 Salem OR
Had a total of=47 (10&Under=11;11thur14=11;15&UP=25)

Monarch Hotel 8/29/04 Clackamas OR
Had a total of=56 (10&Under=14;11thur14=17;15&UP=25)

Warlord's Den 8/21/04 Lebanon PA
Had a total of=23 (10&Under=3;11thur14=8;15&UP=12)

Infinite Quests 8/28/04 Blue Bell PA
Had a total of=55 (10&Under=8;11thur14=13;15&UP=34)

FJ Games 8/28/04 Toa Baja PR

The Fine Art of Baseball 8/27/04 Columbia SC
Had a total of=33 (10&Under=9;11thur14=9;15&UP=15)

Dragon's Cave 8/21/04 Chattanooga TN

Triple Play 8/28/04 Memphis TN
Had a total of=80 (10&Under=37;11thur14=?;15&UP=?)

Creative Gift Baskets 8/22/04 Plano TX
Had a total of=65 (10&Under=7;11thur14=34;15&UP=15)

Hero's Collectables 8/29/04 Houston TX
Had a total of=61 (10&Under=12;11thur14=23;15&UP=25)

Trolly Sq. Mall 8/28/04 Salt Lake City UT
Had a total of=72 (10&Under=13;11thur14=25;15&UP=34)

Comic Chest 8/28/04 Virginia Beach VA

Comic World 8/28/04 Stafford VA
Had a total of=48 (10&Under=10;11thur14=18;15&UP=20)

The Game Matrix 8/28/04 Lakewood WA
Had a total of=52 (10&Under=8;11thur14=13;15&UP=31)

Hobbytown USA 8/28/04 Brookfield WI
Had a total of=25 (10&Under=2;11thur14=10;15&UP=13)

My Parent's Basement 8/29/04 Manitowoc WI
Had a total of=45 (10&Under=1;11thur14=13;15&UP=31)

River City Hobbies 8/29/04 La Crosse WI
Had a total of=6 (10&Under=1;11thur14=2;15&UP=3)

International Prereleases

Sydney Games Centre 8/29/04 Burwood New South Wales AU

Card House 8/29/04 Maroochydore Queensland AU

Fishermans Wharf Markets 8/29/04 Port Adelaide South Australia AU

Dandenong Markets 8/29/04 Dandenong Victoria AU

Absolute Games 8/29/04 Caulfield South Victoria AU

zaal Den Aker 8/22/04 Ekeren Belgium BE

Christiaensen 8/21/04 Dendermonde Oost-Vlaanderen BE

Feestzaal Admiraal 8/29/04 Destelbergen Oost-Vlaanderen BE

Haus im Bungert 8/28/04 Niederhasli . CH

Lindlihuus 8/22/04 Schaffhausen Switzerland CH

Kath. Kirchgemeindehaus 8/28/04 Villmergen Switzerland CH

Cerny rytir 8/28/04 Brno CZ

Cerny rytir 8/29/04 Prag CZ

Auenland 8/28/04 Dortmund DE

Zauberstein 8/28/04 Hamburg DE

Spielzeugland Werner 8/28/04 Leipzig DE

Fantasy-In 8/28/04 Hannover DE

Einkaufszentrum Bärenschaufenster 8/28/04 Berlin DE

Stuttgarter-Tradingcard-Treffen 8/28/04 Stuttgart DE

Münchener-Tradingcard-Treffen 8/28/04 München DE

ZOCK! der Spieleladen 8/28/04 Saarbrücken DE

Zeitgeist 8/28/04 Koblenz DE

Tradingcard Treffen 8/28/04 Nürnberg DE

Pitkakiekko fantasy games 8/21/04 pori FI

pitkakiekko fantasy games 8/22/04 seinäjoki FI

Fantasiapelit 8/23/04 Turku FI

Fantasiapelit 8/24/04 Helsinki Finland FI

www.southeastchallenge.com 8/22/04 Rainham Kent GB
Had a total of=24 (10&Under=?;11thur14=?;15&UP=?)

www.gamersguild.co.uk 8/29/04 off Station Road Rainham Kent GB
Had a total of=29 (10&Under=?;11thur14=?;15&UP=?)

The George 8/28/04 Westminster London GB

St Edward the Confessor Social Club 8/21/04 Crawley West Sussex GB
Had a total of=28 (10&Under=?;11thur14=?;15&UP=?)

waterlea adventure playground 8/23/04 crawley west sussex GB
Had a total of=7 (10&Under=2;11thur14=0;15&UP=5)

Furnace green Adventure Playground 8/28/04 Crawley West Sussex GB

Toyland Castle 8/22/04 Kowloon HK

Hobbit Store Treviso 8/28/04 Treviso Italy IT

Defcon Zero 8/28/04 Milano MI IT
Had a total of=17 (10&Under=?;11thur14=?;15&UP=?)

Hic Mos 8/24/04 Sassari SS IT

Comics Corner Bangsar 8/21/04 Kuala Lumpur MY

Wizards Trading 8/22/04 UEP Subang Jaya MY

Comics Corner Subang Jay 8/22/04 Subang Jaya MY

Outland Oslo 8/22/04 Oslo NO

Helmax Leker 8/26/04 Krokstadelva NO

Spaceworld Vinterbro 8/21/04 Vinterbro - NO

Kremmerhuset Moa Synd 8/21/04 Ålesund - NO

Fjellstrand Skole 8/25/04 Fjellstrand - NO

Alta 8/27/04 Alta - NO

Outland Stavanger 8/28/04 Stavanger - NO

Galeria BT 8/23/04 Sines Portugal PT

Arena Porto 8/28/04 Porto Portugal PT

Arena Lisboa 8/29/04 Lisboa Portugal PT

Comics Mart Pte Ltd 8/22/04 Singapore Singapore SG

08/07/2004, 11:56 PM
Hobbytown USA 8/29/04 Brookfield WI

Is on 8/28/04


08/21/2004, 02:51 PM
St Edward the Confessor Social Club 8/21/04 Crawley West Sussex GB - I believe attendance was 28..

08/21/2004, 06:43 PM
Lebanon Pa had 23 total

11-14 :8
15+: 12

a great time was had by all

08/23/2004, 01:08 AM
Yep Crawley 28 players :( . I wont be running another one!. Can anyone spot the reason why attendance is so low in the UK? Hint look at the location and scheduling of events. :(

08/23/2004, 06:28 AM
www.southeastchallenge.com (http://www.southeastchallenge.com/) 8/22/04 Rainham Kent GB

24 players

If this keeps up I will do as encouraged and run them during my wednesday league at least then there is no cost additional to me for the venue. Looks like premier events are cancelled in the UK.

A sad change from the 60 odd players we had at the first pre-release and multiple side events ...

08/23/2004, 06:34 AM
Did you see all those prereleases in the Netherlands, that must have been a great time.

08/23/2004, 06:54 AM
I guess for Int'l there really is no such thing as a premier event :(

08/23/2004, 08:07 AM
7 at the 'Waterfield only' pre-release.

08/23/2004, 10:38 AM

We had a strong 20 for the Boise Id Pre release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 10 under
4 11-14
13 15 & older

We had a strong 8 in the Booster Draft side event....

You might think this attendance is small but PUI is just starting to help this area...Previous Tournaments have had 14 and 24...There have been only three major tournies in ID....

I will post more details later...............

08/23/2004, 04:16 PM
20 at Bakersfield, CA

11 (50+)
8 (11-14)
1 (10-)

Most of the regulars were at Worlds... as I assume was the same for the rest with really low attendance.

08/23/2004, 06:28 PM
At Worlds we had 6 flights total I believe (maybe it was 5)

The first 3 were overbooked (70-80 people instead of the promised 64) then there were 2 theme deck challenges of 32...I dont know about the other 1 or 2 flights there were though :(

08/24/2004, 10:59 AM
Lancaster, CA on Aug 21st had 42:

19 for 15+
18 for 11-14
3 for 10 & U
2 for the Preconstructed

A really good turnout!!!

08/24/2004, 11:33 AM
8/22 Creative Gift Baskets-Plano, TX

15+ 15
11-14 34
10U 7
Theme Deck Challenge - 9

2 Additional 8 man Booster Draft Side Events

Not too shabby when you consider that we had 7 families going to worlds.

Gym Leader Blaine
08/25/2004, 09:12 AM
Thank you for everyone reporting your number, I've got then updated. It will be interesting to see what the numbers are for the tournaments this weekend since most will be run then now the Worlds is over. :D

08/25/2004, 12:53 PM
What did that 1 player in the 10- group get? Did s/he get a box pretty much just for showing up? I don't know if it's allowed--but maybe you moved 1 of your top 11-14 players to 15+ and had the 10- play 11-14. Seems like attendance for 10- is usually quite low (2-3 seems to be about average) and first place i think still get's a full box? I got 3 nephews and a neise ages 5-8...maybe I should start them on a heavy training schedule!

20 at Bakersfield, CA

11 (50+)
8 (11-14)
1 (10-)

Most of the regulars were at Worlds... as I assume was the same for the rest with really low attendance.

08/26/2004, 10:09 AM
Dragon King St. Peters, MO

Had a total of 22!!!

Great attendance considering the majority of the gym was at Worlds!!!

See you all in St. Louis next week! (Saturday 8/28) (OK, I will be at Memphis!!)

See you all in Columbia on 8/29!!!


08/26/2004, 12:07 PM

It is a strictly age based grouping, therefore the lone 10- could not be "lumped in" with the 11-14 for prize structure. So, yes, the lone 10- SHOULD have been awarded the 1st place prize, which in pre's (not at GEnCon) = 36 boosters (box).

Rabid Raichu
08/26/2004, 01:08 PM
Kriers Cards & Comics 8/21/04 Modesto CA

Total of 21, 12 players - 15+, 7 players - 11-14, 2 players - 10-

Worlds definately affected attendace! :pokeball:

08/26/2004, 01:11 PM
I got 3 nephews and a neise ages 5-8...maybe I should start them on a heavy training schedule!

Please do. The little ones may be geting an easier ride to prizes but they are also key to maintaining the game.

08/26/2004, 02:11 PM
Yeah, I even have my 3 year old able to play (very simple deck)

I do not think he will be ready for the pre-Release, as he cannot read that well, and is not into deck construction, but he will be there for cities and states!

I am not stating that 3 is the ideal age to start at all, just that the earlier they get in, the more powerful they become...my middle son is, at age 8, a 4 year veteran of the 10- division...

Talk to you all soon.


08/26/2004, 02:23 PM
I just had them pick out a bunch of cards they like from my extras and made them each a 60 card deck out of those cards. Unfortunately, none can go to this weekends prerelease with me. I got them started though and they all enjoy the game. Their dad actually doesn't want them to get into any more games (they had been getting my extra yu-gi-oh stuff), but their mom (my sister) said that shes the one that watches them most of the time and the card games keep them quiet. Plus it helps them with their reading, math, and problem solving skills. So it's kind of hard for the dad to argue with that. Hopefully they can go to a prerelease or some other tournament in the future. I may ask my 8 year old nephew to go with me to the Manitowac prerelease--he's very smart for his age, but I don't know if I can stand a relatively full day with him. He's a spoiled annoying brat--may not seem right for me to say that about him--but just trying spending a day with him. Went to the brewer game with him last week which is a two hour drive. I sat next to him in the car and at the game from about 9am-6pm. Constant name calling, spitting, hitting, etc. After that I was on edge for a couple days. So, if I think I can put up with him, I'll see if he can go. I'm guessing his mom won't want him to go that far (45 minutes about) from home without her or his dad though. We'll see. Main thing is that all 4 like the game.

Please do. The little ones may be geting an easier ride to prizes but they are also key to maintaining the game.

08/28/2004, 10:01 PM
Pair A Dice Games in Vista (San Diego) had 61:

11 10 & U
19 11-14
28 15+
3 Theme Deck Challenge (who were all 10 & Under)

Big Daddy Snorlax
08/28/2004, 10:36 PM
We had a great day of Pokemon in Salem OR: 47 in the main tournament

11 in 10 & U
11 in 11-14
25 in 15+

After the main tournament we had 16 play in a Theme Deck challenge and 11 in a Modified tournament. The ever popular Game Boy tournament drew 21 participants.


08/29/2004, 01:18 AM
Here is a very quick report for the Lakewood Wash Pre release..

We had 52 players in the main event

For the side events

24 for the Booster Draft
8 persons for the Theme Deck Challenge

I will provide the main event age breakdown later...

I am tired........

08/29/2004, 02:19 AM
Crawley (Waterlea) 28th August : ZERO

I supose I could have let my son and his friend play and split the prizes but I'm not sure what the position is wrt having less than 8 players in the UK. Lots of avoidance and silence whenever I asked the OP provider. shakes head.

'premiere' events in the UK ???? Hmmm

old man
08/29/2004, 02:24 AM
For The Game in Midwest City, OK in the main event there was 49.
10 & under had 6, 11-14 had 14 & 15+ had 25.
Afterwards for the booster draft there was 28 in it.

Broken Lizard
08/29/2004, 09:39 AM
Brookfield, WI:

15+: 13
11-14: 10
10-: 2

Total: 25

08/29/2004, 12:50 PM
Salt Lake City, Utah

We had a total of 72 for the main event

10 & Under: 13
11 thru 14: 25
15 & Up: 34

There was a Theme Deck Challenge after the main event and we had 40 players.

08/29/2004, 03:14 PM
www.gamersguild.co.uk (http://www.gamersguild.co.uk/) 8/29/04 off Station Road Rainham Kent GB

we had 29 today .. I guess that is the UK's biggest ?? Something really wrong with how our OP provider allocated Premier Events :(

08/29/2004, 03:17 PM
Niles IL

20 ppl

08/29/2004, 03:20 PM
55 in Blue Bell Pa....8 in 10 & under, 13 in 11-15, 34 in the 15+

08/29/2004, 06:39 PM
Attendance at TJ Collectibles in Milford MA was:

Total = 44
21 = 15+
11 = 11-14
12 = 10 and under

We also had 20 for a second sealed tournament.

Thanks to all who came!

08/29/2004, 07:04 PM
La Crosse, WI - 6 :mad:

3 15+
2 11-14
1 10-

At least I only bought 4 boxes.

08/29/2004, 07:05 PM
Thanks to HypnosprojectHQ (sorry if I murdered your name :D) Manitowocs results

1 10-,
13 11-14
31 15+

45 Total

I took basiclly dead last with a record of 1-6-0 :( Very bad for me


08/29/2004, 08:24 PM
West Springfield MA - 14 :

10 & Under : 3
11 - 14 : 4
15 + : 7

Would've been nice if more people had attended....

Second event had 10 people in it.

08/29/2004, 08:50 PM
Cupertino, CA

46 For Main Event

10- had 13
11-14 has 18
15+ had 12

Theme Deck Challenge had 3 during Main Tourney


Booster Draft - 12
Theme Deck - 10

08/29/2004, 09:18 PM
Niles, IL

27 people

10- : 6
11-14: 5
15+: 16

08/30/2004, 05:45 AM
Thanks to HypnosprojectHQ (sorry if I murdered your name )

No, you didn't murder my name. :p

I came here to post the Brookfield and Manitowoc attendances, but they both already appear to be posted. XP

~Hyp~ ;)

08/30/2004, 06:49 AM
Memphis, TN 80 (37 10-!!!)

St. Louis, MO 30

More details to follow

Gym Leader Blaine
08/30/2004, 12:31 PM
:thumb: Thanks for everyone that posted their numbers, I've have them recorded.

08/30/2004, 01:43 PM
West Palm Beach, FL
-30 Players in the Main Event
-16 Players in the Side Event

Casselberry, FL
-57 Players in the Main Event

Tampa and Miami are still up in the air... I hope everything went well in both locations.

08/30/2004, 01:45 PM
Columbia, SC - 33
10-: 9
11-14: 9
15+: 15

Winston-Salem, NC - 33
10-: 5
11-14: 9
15+: 19

Cary, NC - 30
10-: 12
11-14: 10
15+: 8

08/30/2004, 01:55 PM
Friday GenCon: 28
10 -: 3
11-14: 3
15+: 22

Saturday GenCon: 24
10-: 3
11-14: 7
15+ 14

Sunday GenCon: 10
10-: 0
11-14: 1
15+: 9

Delaware, Ohio: 34
10-: 6
11-14: 9
15+: 20

Garden City, MI: 30
10-: 6
11-14: 14
15+: 10

08/30/2004, 08:27 PM
Stafford, Va. Total: 48

10-: 10
11-14: 18
15+: 20

08/30/2004, 09:16 PM
Ames, IA FRLG Prerelease on 8/28/04

10 and under: 7 players
11 through 14: 8 players
15 and older: 17 players

Total: 32 players

08/30/2004, 09:42 PM
Los Angeles (costa mesa), CA :
10 & U - 3
11-14- 18
15+ - 35

total 56

08/31/2004, 11:52 AM
Wash Pre Release age breakdown...

10 Under 8
11-14 13
15 + 31

Master Professor Birch
08/31/2004, 02:27 PM
~Midwest City, Oklahoma~

Master Professor Birch and all who attended had a awesomely good time. We also had a new high attendance!!!

"10-Under": 6-players

"11-14": 15-players

"15-Over": 28-players

Total: 49-players

Of those 49-players, there were ten new players that needed "POP IDs". Pokemon be a growing in Oklahoma. ~~~YES~~~

We also had 26-players in the "Booster Draft" toutnament.

Master Professor Birch

Master Professor Birch
08/31/2004, 02:32 PM
~~~Houston, Texas~~~

The attendance for the "FireRed/LeafGreen" Pre-release was a new high. We had 61-players!!!

"10-Under": 12-players

"11-14": 23-players

"15-Over": 25-players

"Theme Deck": 1-player

Total: 61-players

MP Birch

Big Daddy Snorlax
08/31/2004, 03:24 PM
Clackamas OR had a good showing on Sunday, with 56 participants in the main event:

14 in 10 & U (6 participated in the Theme Deck option)
17 in 11-14 (2 participated in the Theme Deck option)
25 in 15+

As you can see from the notes above, we had 8 new players participate in the Theme Deck option, and I can tell you they had a GREAT time. They played 6 rounds of regular format with 6 prizes and still finished at the same time as the main prerelease players. I have no doubt that they are hooked and will be back for the next Prerelease. I really like the Theme Deck option, especially when a new player shows up and is a bit unsure of themselves.

Side events were well attended:

Game Boy - 24
Constructed - 8
Limited (Booster Drafts) - 16


Gym Leader Blaine
09/02/2004, 10:54 AM
Alright, I have gotten all the numbers updated, but we are still needing a lot more numbers posted.

SGH Erika
09/02/2004, 05:33 PM
Dream Wizards at Rockville, MD - 27 (estimated)
10- 2
11-14 8-10
15+ 15-17

The above is certainly unofficial. I remember seeing the placing listed to #27 (I think). This was held the same weekend as worlds, so there none of the usual professers/ orginizers were there.

09/06/2004, 06:11 AM
FR/LG Prerelease Milano - Italy

We didn't had the chance to separate age categories, as we had 17 players.

For us, it's a big results, because Prereleases didn't had promotion and we are in a vacation period where a lot of people is away.

Hope that our distributor decides finally to promote the next Prerelease... They don't promote neither the League or other tournaments, and it's not simple...

09/19/2004, 11:18 PM
Hobbytown USA, Lincoln NE, on the 29th had 11 players (7 main event, 4 TDC).

Main Event
10- : 0
11-14: 4
15+: 3

10-: 0
11-14: 1
15+: 3

09/21/2004, 12:20 PM
Well our after release didn't follow the floor rules, but we fundraften with the new set
attendance 48 players.