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03/01/2009, 05:55 PM
I was on go-pokemon reading an article about Platinum (yeah, i didnt have anything to do at that moment xD) when I got stuck on this:

"Unlike cards that are discarded, these cards (the ones sent to Lost Zone) are unplayable for the rest of the match."

So,if I'm playing a Giratina Lv. X and kill, like, 2 pokemons of my opp,then all the cards would be sent to the lost zone.

This means that those cards will be unplayable even on the other game?

His deck would be with less than 60 cards then.

Is this correct?

Sorry if it's a stupid question, but this really caught my attention.

03/01/2009, 09:06 PM
"Match" in the case refers only to the game, not other games of a 2 out of 3 match.
Articles are not game rules.