View Full Version : Using the card, but not its effects

04/27/2009, 03:22 PM
Cards like Dusk Ball, Roseanne's, Night Maintence, Cyrus...
If I use a Dusk Ball, i have a pokemon among the 7 bottom cards, I must take it? And Roseanne's, can I use it and don't take any pokemon or energy?

04/27/2009, 04:53 PM
You can't play a card for no effect.
However, searching your deck counts as an effect. And since the contents of your deck are private, no one can know if you found what you were supposed to seach for or not.
So, you can fail a seach of your deck on purpose.

This does not apply to Night Maintenance. That gets cards from the discard pile.
The contents of the discard pile is public knowledge and so it is known if there are cards to be gotten from them or not.
And if there are not, you can't play the card.