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sleeping darkness

  1. Well.....

    boy what a day ... had to clean my room my comp was nuked so had to redo the well everything.

    OMG dad wants on srry ppl got to go
  2. Sigh..... Another day after league

    well I've got 5 mins to right because my dad put time limts on so

    I went to league yesterday I WENT 8-0 YES... first time with a perfect record!!!

    hhhhmmmmm what else is going on....

    Oh...I beat the ice gym leader on dimond (restarted my game)

    tuesdays a day off so my friends and I are gonna get together and duel.

    Dang out of time in like 10 sec

  3. Blog 1 Finnaly found it

    Yes. Iv'e finnaly found out how to blog on the gym

    Today is gonna be really short due to the fact that scott our leader is out of town he's having one of his friends run it for only 2 hrs.

    Oh thats right most of you don't know where the heck my league is or the people in it... I'll give you a run down.

    Scott:Leader runs a heatran/infernape deck

    Scottie:Gym leader runs to many decks to name all have a specail occasion hes working ...