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Cyber's Space

I like to rant about stuff I do that's Pokemon related here. Weather it's League, My collection, or my ongoing Fan Fic Series.

  1. Ah, creative works

    Well Book 2 of my fan fic serires Pokemon AR is coming to a close, with 3, maybe 4, chapters left to go. It's been a lot of fun to create those characters and go with them on their journey at their homes and into the future. Sometimes I surprise myself with what ends up typed on Microsoft Word. Although not everything in the chapters are from my mind.

    Chatot is easily my favorite new character in the series. It's actually based off a Chatot Plushie I bought at League. After a month ...
    My Fan Fic Series
  2. 3rd installment on "Pokemon Reality"

    OK, I know I gotta be crazy when I'm saying "it's time for Part 3 of Pokemon Reality."

    In case you're wondering what I'm talking about, it's a fan fic I started over 2 years ago and just suddenly dropped it last January due to my life being filled up with... "business." Here, check out the first two installments:

    Book 1: Reality Check
    Book 2: Worldwide Interaction

    Sadly, Book 2 was never finished, and I'm sorry to say it never ...

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