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Thread: Trainer Magazine promos + Nationals stamped Char-line

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    Trainer Magazine promos + Nationals stamped Char-line

    I recently came across these two cards for a great price and was wondering if anybody knew their value. I don't see them often on eBay:

    I ask because I'm on the search for the Jolteon in the set:

    but would like to know what pricerange I'd be up against. Also, what keywords on ebay should I use to find them easier? I believe these are from a Trainer's Magazine, but don't know which volume they came out of.

    Also, I have a question on the value of the Nationals Charmander line:

    I got the three in a combined auction for the Charizard, but I can't find the other two on ebay so I don't know their values, either. Also, there's always one Charizard for about $80 or so BIN, but then there's always an auction that starts at .99 cents and ends at varied prices. How many of these were given out ,anyway?
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    Pretty sure I have these trainers sets in multiple, I will check tomorrow - No great super omg value to them, maybe $15 - 30 depending on the weather and the color of the sky in the morning over the sky in august in Iran....i.e. totally random - trainers mag 14 springs to mind but I cba to check tonight :)

    I know I have the Jolteon tho...

    The Nats Char line:

    The other two dont get listed as the big card is currently being devalued by a guy in asia that clearly asked for 500 for prize support and never needed more than 5! They used to go $60 for the line...... now maybe 20 but again it's need 2 people to want it.

    I will pm you tomorrow
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    Sheesh! That's not an auction, it's a brochure!

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    That's a shame about the Nationals Charizard losing its value because of a single person. I got the entire line for $60 and don't regret the purchase, but I was looking at it more of like an investment.

    Hey, and thanks for helping me out with the Jolteon. I eagerly await your PM
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    The cards in the first picture are:

    001/T Flareon & 002/T Vaporean

    they we/re included with 003/T Jolteon in the Pokemon's Trainer's magazine #14 released around January of 2002

    They don't come up often but a #14 Trainer's Magazine on Ebay might go for around $20.

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