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Thread: Beatdown Deck NEEDS HELP

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    Beatdown Deck NEEDS HELP

    1 Politoed LA
    2 Poliwrath LA
    2 Poliwhirl LA
    4 Poliwag LA
    4 Mamoswine SF
    2 Piloswine SF
    3 Swinub SF
    2 Staryu RR
    2 Starmie RR

    2 Energy Switch
    2 Poke Ball
    2 Lucian's Assignment
    4 Volkner's Philosophy
    4 BTS
    4 Rare Candy
    2 Roseanne's Research
    4 Bebe's Search

    5 Water
    7 Fighting
    2 Rainbow

    The idea is to hit big.

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    Mamoswine and Poli-family require a deck of theiir own to be used well.
    Take one out if you want.

    You would also need support Claydol is probably the best for this because of its amazing pokepower, there is also an Uxie that allows you to replenish your hand to 7 cards, when you put it on your bench.

    If you want to play Mamoswine, perhaps a Togekiss for energy accelaration.

    Both decks could also do with Floatzel G Lv X.

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