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Thread: Masquerain SV 68/147

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    Masquerain SV 68/147

    What do you think of this card?
    Also what do you think the poke-body does?
    I think it removes from 20 damage from any damage done to all of your pokemon.

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    It reduces damage done by 20, its that simple. Any number of damage your opponent does, just substract 20.
    And its pretty horrid otherwise, dealing only 30 damage.
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    When I got it in a pack, I knew I wanted to use it in the prerelease. Unfortunately I didn't get any Surskit, so I couldn't do it. It's a really good card in limited, offering draw and 30 for a single grass energy, plus a very good body. In the modified format, though, it just can't do enough damage to be a real factor. There's better draw, and it won't stay alive too long even with the help of the body.

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    I think Abomasnow SF utilizes the body more effectively, with more HP and better attacks.
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    I got a 2-2 of this in our prelease. Got first in prelease
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    This would be really fun to use in a double battle. Just sit there with two active Masquerains and reduce all your opponent's damage by 40. :D
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