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Thread: sp tool box

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    sp tool box

    3-1 blazeikenFB
    2-1 dialgaG
    1-1 mewtwo
    1-1 uxie
    1 lucarioGL
    1 crobatG
    2 unown g
    1-1 claydol
    1 toxiG promo

    4 cyrus
    4 roseannes
    2 bebe
    3 sp radar
    4 energy gain
    4 poke turn
    2 power spray
    1 luxury ball
    1 premier ball
    2 night maintenance
    1 warp point
    1 moonlight stadium


    4 sp energy


    blaze is the main attacker. against other sp decks, get out mewtwo. if they counter w/ dialgaG,retreat mewtwo w/ moonlight get out blaze and KO dialga.then poketurn blaze, send out mew two then repeat , uxie is the counter against machamp
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    c'mon Dialga Master, give us a better strategy guide than that... you can do it!

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    I would take out the Mr. Mime because since you have Dialga G Lv. X in play its body does nothing. I would take out the Darkrai G as well, since you don't have anything like Wigglytuff to put your opponent to sleep. In their places, I would add in another Uxie and another Poketurn. Then, I would take out the Basic Darkness energy and put in another Psychic energy, since if one is prized Mewtwo can't do much. And I would also take out a Warp Point or the Moonlight Stadium for a Toxicroak G Promo in case you run into Luxray GL.
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    yah, great ideas, I'll up date the list . if I can get a toxi I will play it, in my area, luxray has emerged but...I would not retreat dialgaX if I would whanted to get out mr.mime, I whoud poke turn it

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    This looks like it could destroy almost any sp deck, but what will you do against stage 2s? With all these kingdras running around, you might have a tough time. I would take out the dialgas for another sp like luxray or absol.

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