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Thread: Apprentice?

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    I downloaded apprentice, then tryed downloading the latest pokemon patch. It says i have the pokemon arceus patch downloaded but i dont have any pokemon cards on apprentice. It is still magic, any help?

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    heres what you do

    open the .zip file you downloaded as the arceus patch

    then open a window, go to My computer -> Local Disk (C:) -> Program Files -> Apprentice

    then drag and drop all the files in the arceus patch into the apprentice folder

    overwrite the old data and you're good to go

    the files you drag in should look something like this


    all .DAT files and maybe a folder for one of em
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    Thank you now it works but one queston? How do you set aside Pirze cards?

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    Click on your library icon and (while holding shift) drag onto the playing field.
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    Thanks Chromecatz and rokman, another question,how to you attach energys and evolve?

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    there's no specific function for it, you just put them on top/underneath the basic and improvise
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    Thank you, how do you search the Deck/Library?????

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    Does anybody know how to search the deck?

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    Go to top menu

    Veiw --> My Libray

    As a bonus, while veiwing your library, press any letter on the keyboard to scroll through cards beginning with that letter and making searches faster.
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    ok thank you soo much

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