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Thread: Luxape vs. Blazeray

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    Luxape vs. Blazeray

    My question for you is which one do you think is better and why? I think Luxape seems to be better because it has more synergy than Blazeray and I think Intimidating Roar is an amazing power. However I am aware that Blazeray is a little faster but can also be KO'ed easily. What do you think?
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    The ability to get a T2 80 going consistently is amazing and sometimes decides the game right there. While you can also use Luxray to bright look up their threats on the bench before they have time to set up. Luring Flame is also a great attach to stall with and can be a way out of Gengar's fainting spell.

    Luxape's ability to deal a bigger hit(though you cannot every turn) makes it a more potent threat when it gets fully set up. Infernape 4's base form has two great attacks. Split bombing early can put things within KO range or net you a double KO. High jump kick is just a good-no drawback attack, something Blaziken lacks. Intimidating Roar is a valuable power late game, while early game it lacks a bit. Fire Spin is your big trump and can OHKO almost anything, and nothing is safe with bright look.

    I think the main difference between the two, Blaziken and Infernape, is that one has a stronger early game and the other a late game. It really depends on the playstyle of the person. If you want a faster hitter then go with Blaziken. However, if you're more the type to set up then sweep with a heavy hitter, Infernape would be the better choice
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    That wouldn't work very well in my opinion. Luxray gives the deck so many more options and gives you an out aginst palkia otherwise you are toast.
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    I think putting both would be a good idea. How would your opponent feel when their claydol is active,
    burned and infernape 4 is sniping the bench. You could always add a counter to Palkia.

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