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Thread: You just made the Bliss list.

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    You just made the Bliss list.

    So I was looking through some cards deciding on a fun deck to make.. and I ran across my old buddy Blissey <3.
    I figured why not.. It's a nice little tank and can take some hits.

    We arrive in Meadview on Thursday and I test out..
    Blissey Tank
    Blissey/ Hitmonchan
    Blissey/ Drapion
    Blissey/ Electivire
    Blissey/ Magmortar
    Blissey/ Sableye
    Blissey / AMU

    and on saturday morning at 5 am I decide to go with Blissey / Hitmonchan... however. I felt Hitmonchan didn
    t have the luster I needed to counter any SP I might see.. so 1 minute before we left I ran around the house borrowing a 1-1-1 Machamp from Dylan.

    List: Blissout
    Pokemon: 16
    4/3/1 Blissey [MT/PL]
    1-1-1 Machamp SF
    1 Regice LA
    2 Chatot MD
    2 Uxie LA

    Energy: 14
    9 Fighting Energy
    2 Warp Energy
    2 Cyclone Energy
    1 Upper Energy

    T/S/S: 30
    2 Roseanne's Research
    4 Pokedrawer+
    3 Broken Time-Space
    4 Felicity's Drawing
    3 Volkner's Philosophy
    3 Luxury Ball
    2 Time Space-Distorion
    1 Mom's Kindness [FOIL|
    2 VS Seeker
    3 Bebe's Search
    3 Expert Belt

    So we get there.. and the address from the gps takes us to a mosque... -.-'
    We drive around for ten minutes and we finally see a library type building and hope it's one.. and it is.

    We chill for a while, draw on the blackboard.. chat with Jeremy.. and finally we begin...

    Round 1: Chris(?) Shuppay
    My hand is interesting... not the best because I have no supporters, however, I have 3 Chansey.. so I was hoping I could last a few turns.. I figured it was Shuppay when he went first and flipped over Mr. Mime.. so I finally get a Roseanne's and Uxie draws me Lux Ball to get Blissey, and I use Regice
    s Power to get his Mr. Mime away, while also getting energy in my discard. Once I get a powered up Blissey and one on the bench with 3 Energy I start controlling the game. I bring up Machamp to take out one of his last Pokemon.. and he uses Shuppay to put me to sleep... I draw my Mom's Kindness and use it to draw into my last Warp Energy.. and switch to Blissey for the KO on Shuppay. Good Game!

    No wait, I need to pause my report to quote myself from my first city:
    So, I figured I would play Mamoswine GL because there aren't a lot of Machamps here... >.<'
    You just replace Mamoswine GL with Blissey and you have my day lol

    Round 2: Zac [Machamp]
    I knew he was playing Machamp... we draw our starting hands and I see Machop.. I told him that I was going for the donk no matter what because I told him that if he gets a Machamp out I pretty much lose. He nods. He goes first and starts with Nidoran F. He draws and passes. I draw an Uxie and play my first one for 4 after I attach to Machop. I draw a luxury ball and Pokedrawer+.. I Luxury Ball and hope that Machoke and Machamp are in my deck... they are and I get Machoke.. I then Uxie for 2... still nothing.. I proceed to Felicity's for 4 by discarding Volkner's and Felicity's.. my third card was the other Pokedrawer+.. and I use them for BTS and Machamp and do take out for game. Sorry for donking u bro ><'.

    Round 3: Henry [Machamp]
    Him and I both knew how the match would go if I didn't win early... I look at my hand and see I have T1 60... we flip and I go second... he flips over.... his Uxie.. I gave a little sigh and proceeded to do my 60.. he then got out Machamp and Claydol on his next turn.. and did 70.. I healed with PT Blissey to give myself another turn.. or so I thought. On his turn he plays Life Herb and gets heads... then he attaches an Expet Belt to his Machamp and OHKO's me.. I then try to stall with a Chatot MD.. but he has a Warp Point and I am forced to bring up Blissey PT =/ I do end up getting a prize and have a 150 HP Blissey up... He brings up a new Machamp.. attaches Expert Belt.. and Level's Up to do Take Out for 150.. meh.. still a good game sir.

    Round 4: Adi [Raichu/Electivire]
    This was the best game that I played all day. We started off pretty fast and I had T1 40 and he had turn 2 electivire and Raichu.. we trade the first couple prizes and I bring out Machamp w/ Expert Belt to OHKO his Electivire LV. X... he damages my Machamp for 100 and I take Out his Raichu for 80... he then switches for an Electivire SW and Plays TS-2 to Devo my Machamp for 2 prizes... touche... I got caught off guard. I bring up Blissey and start from scratch doing 40.. he keeps running away so I couldn't hit him for a ko.. I TSD back Machop and Machoke and get a plan going.. he brings up his Electivire a bit later and Level's it up and tries to take the late lead by damaging my Blissey with 80.. Luckily Expert Belt Saved me.. I then draw... play BTS to get rid of his Sunnyshore Stadium.. play my machamp line.. use Warp Energy.. bring up Machamp and Lucian's 4 Fighting Energy to machamp and then ko his Electivire LV. X that already had 40. He couldn't do much and I win on the next turn.

    Round 5: EriKa/InfinityFangX [Basic Gengar]
    I see the pairings.. wee... we play again.. ><'
    I know that if I don't donk her before she gets Gengar out.. it's all over. Unfortunately for myself, I DID not donk her or get anything out that was relevant before she could.. and by turn 3 she had all 4 Gengars out and I was fighting an uphill battle for the rest of the match. I did manage to escape Fainting Spell 2 times!!! but, alas, that wasn't enough and she scared my Blissey right out of Kingman.

    Top 4:
    (1) Henry[Machamp] v (4) Z-man (Zach in a box... GG)
    (2) Arizona Guy (Dusknoir/Cresselia] v (3) InfinityFangX (Basic Gengar)

    Top 2:
    (3) InfinityFangX (Basic Gengar) v (4) Z-man (Zach in a box... GG)

    So EriKa wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Nevada sweeps.

    I was talking spookees and I got offered to help judge Arizona States! I was so excited to get offered that

    - Team Hatter
    - EriKa/InfinityFangX
    - Ryan
    - Josh
    - French Gliscor Lv. X
    - Fun weekend
    - Getting offered to judge Arizona States
    - My dad getting to go
    - Dylan for letting us stay with him and his crew
    - Bucket - O - Chicken
    - 8 Boxes of Mac and Cheese
    - Finally getting Absol G Lv. X

    - My Sandslash figure vanishing.. along with InfinityFangX's Arceus LV. X
    - $6 Cheese
    - School tomorrow
    - ZAC'S SNORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
    - Jeremy for dropping.. COME ON MAN!!

    Thank you for reading!!

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    lol bucket of chicken should be the name of a deck, unless it was already done..?
    grats to erika
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    I'm disappointed Josh. You promised me a spot in the slops at least. lol.

    Blissey is going to wreck.
    Team Chobo

    Quote Originally Posted by Cephalized View Post
    It top cut in AZ states so, can't be that bad.

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    Ceph: EriKa says thanks =D
    pinata: You are right... I edited it <3

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    Blissey? Cute

    I'm sure you're excited for Bliss prime eh?
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    Zach in a box... you serious?

    Didn't you forget to mention Ryan and Joshua? :P

    Anyways, GJ using the most random deck you could think up. Also, GL judging AZ states... I probably won't be there to receive your DQ of power (by the power of grey skull).
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