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Thread: 2010 Worlds Website

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    2010 Worlds Website

    Here ya go:

    "Competitors from around the world gear up for the big event that starts August 13th!

    Pokémon fans turn their eyes toward Hawaii for the 2010 Pokémon World Championships, where challengers will vie to become the best Pokémon TCG and video game players in the world! The Championships begins with Last Chance Qualifier events, where people have one more opportunity to make the field and compete for the title of World Champion. Then, the tournaments begin in earnest on Saturday, August 14th, with all-day competitions that continue through Sunday. By Sunday evening, the world will know its new Pokémon TCG and video game World Champions!

    Follow us at, where we’ll have instant news as it happens. Plus, head over to to see video updates, including gaming action and interviews with competitors at the event, all weekend long!

    All weekend long, attendees can participate in a wide variety of side events and other fun activities. Competitors and spectators will be able to participate in creative events, Pokémon distributions, and VIP signings. It's a non-stop Pokémon party for everyone in attendance!

    But even if you can't make it, you can still follow all the action online. We'll have complete coverage of the Pokémon World Championships at, including news, updated standings, and video and photo galleries. Mark your calendars and keep up with all the events throughout the entire weekend!"
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    Wallpaper! Finally! :D

    I like the site. One week!!
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    Argh, im so mad i did not get an invite, if i did just no go to nats....
    I'm donezies.

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    Yeah Less than a week until I leave my country.... Going to play in the LCQ...

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    i wish i could come.
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    I got the invite, but it's just to expensive without AirFare.... Not fair. I got the baggage tags with the invitation a couple of days ago, and it just hurt...

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    I so wish I could go. I'll be watching all three sites with anticipation :P

    The site even has an RSS feed. The official main site should have one of those...

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    Really excited they have a Twitter and YouTube account to accompany the site. Great job guys.

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