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Thread: Prize-Card Penalty

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    Prize-Card Penalty

    Hey Rules team, I appreciate the work you do.

    So here is the scenario:
    I rolled heads on Fainting Spell and knocked the other pokemon out.
    When I drawed for my turn and played copycat I forgot to draw my prize.
    My opponent calls a judge and he says to draw my prize and shuffle it.
    He doesn't agree and calls the head judge.
    He rules that I draw the prize and get a "warning" for failing to draw a prize?
    He scoops next turn.

    My question is:
    How can I get a warning(checked this up on POP website) for forgeting to draw a prize which will not affect the game anyway.
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    Did you not do something that was required to do by the rules of the game?


    So, you got a warning.

    If it had been something that affected the game state, you might have gotten a prize loss or worse.

    The warning was to remind you that it is important to do what is required to do.
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