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Thread: Cubs Clinch!

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    Cubs Clinch!

    (does the Yoshi dance)

    Yes, the Chicago Cubs have finally won the NL Central! Next stop, Atlanta!

    Oh yeah, and you other teams...good luck. ;) You'll need it.
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    Mariners 04, I will say it now:
    Mariners 2004- World Series-------Believe
    (There should be more baseball talk here)
    But this year I think it is gonna be the Twins over the Marlins in 7.
    Twins beat Yanks, Bosox beat A's, Cubs somehow beat Braves, Marlins beat Giants
    (Yes all road teams ;) )
    Twins over Sox, Marlins over Cubs
    Twins over Marlins.
    Congrats to the Cubs however.
    (Red Sox and Cubs make the playoffs, what is it a sign of good or Evil?)
    gets idea for topic
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    Well, the White Sox didn't win theirs, so we know it's not end of days. Ask any Chicago fan.

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