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Thread: Disruptive Cards like Weavile and Jirachi

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    Disruptive Cards like Weavile and Jirachi

    I'm looking to build kind of a disruptive/annoying deck (I always like a lot of status conditions when playing the DS games). I like Crobat Prime a lot, Jirachi, Weavile...stuff like that. I'm fairly new to the game so I was hoping some of the people here that have played for a while could help me out. I'll definitely include some judges.
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    Magnezone works very well with Judge; one sided disruption. Slowking/Weavile lock is fairly good. Jirachi works well with Vileplume (another great disruptive card) and also works well as a sweeper in Kingdra/Yanmega. The most successful disruptive deck so far is Vileplume/Yanmega/Mew/Muk and Jumpluff. You use Mew to LZ Muk then Yanmega to snipe the bench. Jumpluff is a late-game sweeper. You can tech Jirachi and Crobat into this if you want. Yanmega decks tend to run Judge.

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    The other big disruption deck that is really popular right now is Ambipom TM/Weavile UD.

    This weekend I (finally) started testing a Persian HGSS/Weavile deck. As of right now (and it is still in the works), I'm running a 4-4 Persian, 3-3 Weavile, 2-2 Zoroark, and a 1-1 Slowking. And, in my limited testing in the few decks I have laying around the house, its actually pretty good. I'm 4-1 against a pretty solid ZPS list, only losing to a Pachi donk, and I'm 3-2 against my Reshiboar, which I'm not too confident in the build, but I think its more that it doesn't go well with my style. Either way, it's been pretty solid thus far, better than I would have imagined. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve to help with disruption and consistency, so it may get a bit better.

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    Slowking is an absolute must if you play hand destruction, since it can prevent your opponent from getting anything useful once their hand is gone.

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    ^Well Ambipom shuffles with its attack so Slowking doesn't work great in there but yeah it's still good in that and should be used.

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    I play Weavile/Ambipom/Cinno. Works quite well, and hits hard.
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