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    Pokemon TCG: The Shadows Return

    Pokemon TCG: The Shadows Return
    Introductions: This is a series where people play Pokemon TCG for fun, cards, or (their soul). What about the characters. Andy: A rookie who wants to be the best Pokemon TCG player in the world, but he has to go through tough challenges and make sure he keeps (his soul). Silvia: Another rookie and rival of Andy who has the same goal in mind. PMysterio: A top-class Pokemon TCG player who is helping Andy and Silvia become better Pokemon TCG players and protect them. Gonzales: Rival of PMysterio and friend of the Shadow King. Shadow King: He and his minions are taking souls of players and using them to make the ultimate Pokemon TCG player of the world to rule the world. Ray: A bounty hunter who wonders what Team Shadow's plans are.
    Prolouge: The Shadows Rise Again
    Team Shadow's Palace
    Shadow King: Bring in my bounty hunter!
    Ray: Yes, my lord?
    Shadow King: Capture the soul of this girl named Dawn and don't forget to bring me her 3 Empoleon Primes.*1
    Ray: I'm on the hunt of her soul.
    Shadow King: Take this deck. You will need it.
    Ray: I think I will use my Porygon/Entei OTK deck instead my lord. *2
    Shadow King: Just in case I will have some of my minions following you so don't try anything dumb.
    Ray: That's fine. I won't fail you.
    Shadow King: Now go!
    Pokemon TCG Academy
    Dawn is walking by and bumps into PMysterio.
    Dawn: Ow! Are you alright PMysterio?
    PMysterio: Yeah, I'm fine. Are you ok Dawn?
    Dawn: Kinda. I'm getting late for class.
    Then Ray comes by.
    Ray: Hold it young lady. I challenge you to a Pokemon game.
    Dawn: I acc-
    PMysterio: No Dawn. Get to class. I'll take him on.
    Ray: Suit yourself. You're beaten.
    PMysterio: I never lost yet and never will.
    Ray: What about we play for your soul. If you lose, your soul is mine.
    PMysterio: I still won't back down.
    Ray & PMysterio: Let's Go!
    They both have 1 Pokemon. Ray's is Porygon and PMysterio's is Cleffa.
    PMysterio: I'll start things off. Draw! I play the Trainer card Pokemon Roulette. I choose 6 Pokemon cards from my deck and put them face-down. You choose one, I put the one you choose in my hand and the others go to the Lost Zone.
    Ray: Why would you put Legend Pieces in the Lost Zone?
    PMysterio: I play the Supporter card The Lost Dealer. We both draw 1 card and put 1 card from our hand to the Lost Zone. I have Kyogre PM Legend, Groudon PM Legend, and Rayquaza PM Legend in the Lost Zone which allows me to play Kyogre Groudon Rayquaza PM Legend. Now I use Broken-Time-Space, so now I can evolve the Totodile I now place my bench to Croconaw and Feraligatr Prime. I attach a Double Colorless Energy to KGR Legend and use it's ability Extreme Weather. That allows me to put Kyogre PM Legend on my bench. For my attack I use Eeeeeeek which let's me draw 6 cards and put Cleffa to sleep. Now I flip to see if Cleffa stays asleep or not. PMysterio flips tails
    PMyserio: Cleffa stays asleep.
    Ray: I will end you. Draw! I play Erika which let's us both draw 3 cards. I use your Broken-Time-Space to evolve Porygon to Porygon 2. I bench Entei CL to use it's Ability Flame Burst to do 30 damage to all other Pokemon in play.
    PMysterio: Shoot! Cleffa's knocked out.
    Ray: Next, I use Scoop Up to put Entei CL into my hand and rebench it for more damage. Now I use Switch to put Porygon 2 on my Bench. I use it's Poke-Power Download to discard Seeker which it then uses it's effect as this Poke-Power. I put Porygon 2 back down. I use Scoop Up to put-
    PMysterio: Entei in your hand just to rebench it for it's ability?
    Ray: Yes. I now do play Scoop Up a 3rd time to do the same thing.Switch again and I use VS Seeker to put Seeker back in my hand just to make Porygon 2 fresh.
    Ray: I bench Uxie to use it's Poke-Power Set Up which let's me draw 7 cards.
    PMysterio: I now play the Speed Trainer Card, Deck Dynamite. If I have more prizes than you do and if I only have one Pokemon in play, I can play this card on your turn. For every card you draw with Uxie, all of your Pokemon take 20 damage. That ends the game.
    Ray: Wait, what? How could I lose!?
    PMysterio: Simple. You have to worry about what your opponent has in their hand before you do your crazy OTK stuff. See ya later.
    Team Shadow's Castle
    Shadow King: So did you get Dawn's soul and her 3 Empoleon Primes.
    Ray: No I didn't my lord. There was this world-class player who beat me on my turn.
    Shadow King: Say WHAT!? That PMysterio is messing with my plans again. Go capture his soul!
    Ray: I tried that. Do you mind letting me have a break?
    Shadow King: I'll send my minions to try to capture his soul. You can take a break and make new decks.
    Ray: Thanks my lord.
    I know this was a long Prologue, but hey. At least we see more action.
    1. There are custom cards. They could be unknown or from other sets. If you want me to officially make the unknown cards, I can do that.
    2. This follows the Unlimited Format
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    Chapter 1: Andy's New Lesson
    Andy's House
    Andy: I've been flunking in my classes and my deck can't win. Why can't I make an awesome deck?
    Andy's Dad knocks on his door and opens it
    Andy's Dad: PMysterio's waiting on you.
    Andy heads to the living room and opens the door
    Andy: Hey PMysterio! What's up?
    PMysterio: Not much. Just had to go to class and I have this interesting story to tell. (*3) And that's how
    I donked a donk deck.
    Andy: Wow! I wish I had skill to do that. I'm still flunking all of my classes.
    PMysterio: That's not too big of an issue. In fact the former World Champion flunked all of his classes and still became world champion.
    Andy: And by World Champion you mean Crow Jackson, right?
    PMysterio: Yep. I tell ya even though you flunk class after class and drop when ready, all you need is a spirit.
    Shadow Minion knocks on front door
    Andy's Mom then opens the door
    Shadow Minion: Do you know where Andy is?
    Andy's Mom: He's upstairs with PMysterio.
    Shadow Minion goes to Andy's room.
    Shadow Minion: I want your soul PMysterio!
    Andy: What's he talking about?
    PMysterio: Darn it. A Shadow Minion. Those are bad guys who try to steal people's souls. They stole my whole family from me and want my soul too.
    Shadow Minion: I challenge you to a Pokemon game and if you lose, you lose your soul.
    PMysterio: Let's do it! (This is my perfect chance to test out my Jigglypuff SP deck)
    Shadow Minion and PMysterio: Game on!
    Shadow Minion starts with Spiritomb AR active and Ralts on the bench. PMysterio starts with Sableye.
    PMysterio: Sableye's Poke-Body let's me go first. Draw! I start off by playing Cyrus' Conspiracy which lets me get a Lightning Energy, a Celio's Network, and an Energy Gain from my deck to my hand.
    Now I use the attack of Sableye called Impersonate. By discarding Pokemon Collecter from my deck, I can use it as the effect of this attack. I choose Jigglypuff P, Garchomp C, and Luxray GL from my deck to my hand. Your move.
    Shadow Minion: Draw! I play Pokemon Collector, to get Ralts, Solosis, and Uxie. I bench Ralts and Solosis. I now use the attack Darkness Grace. By putting a damage counter on Spiritomb, I will evolve 1 of my Ralts to Kirlia. Your move.
    PMysterio: Draw! I bench Jigglypuff P, Luxray GL, and Garchomp C. I attach a Double Colorless Energy to Jigglypuff P and play Celio's Network, to get Luxray GL LVX to my hand. (*4) Finally I use Impersonate to discard a Celio's Network from my deck to get a Jigglypuff P LVX to my hand. Your move.
    Shadow Minion: Draw! I attach a Double Colorless Energy to Kirlia and use Professor Elm's Training Method to add a Gardevoir to my hand. I evolve Kirlia to Gardevoir and use the Poke-Power Telepass to use your Celio's Network. I add a Duosion to my hand and evolve Solosis. Finally I use Darkness Grace to evolve....
    PMysterio: Duosion to Reuniclus?
    Shadow Minion: You are smart. Your move.
    Pmysterio: Draw! (Just what I need) I bench Unown Q and use it's Poke-Power Quick to attach it to Sableye like a Pokemon Tool card. I retreat Sableye to bring up Luxray GL, attach a Lightning Energy to it and level it up. It's Poke-Power Bright look will bring up Reuinclus.
    Shadow Minion: No! My strategy is falling apart!
    PMysterio: Now I attach an Energy Gain to Luxray GL and Jigglypuff P. I then use the attack Flash Impact. It deals 60 damage to Reuniclus and 30 to Garchomp C. Your move.
    Shadow Minion: (At this rate I can't win.) I quit this game.
    PMysterio: You're quitting?
    Shadow King Illusion: Quitting is not an option! As a punishment, YOUR SOUL IS MINE!
    Shadow Minion loses his soul
    PMysterio: Quitters never win. Losing is different from quitting. Let this be a good lesson Andy.
    Andy: I will.
    *3 Read Prologue for the story PMysterio is telling.
    *4 Yes you can get a Level X with Celio's Network if you don't know already.
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    Chapter 2- The Boy, The Girl, And The Ghost
    The Pokemon TCG Academy
    Andy decided to walk into the forest nearby the academy.
    Andy: I'm sure this play can't get any creepier.
    ???: EEEEEEEEEEKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Andy: Who was that?
    Silvia came up to Andy and hid behind him.
    Silvia: Please Andy. Save me!
    Andy: From what?
    Suddenly a ghost pops out of nowhere.
    The Ghost: BOO!
    Andy: OMG! A talking ghost!?
    Silvia: That is what you should save me from. It wants my soul.
    Andy: Let's play a game of Pokemon you big creep.
    The Ghost: Anytime. If you lose or quit, you lose your SOUL!
    Andy and The Ghost: Let's play!
    Andy starts with a Lost Spiritomb and The Ghost starts with Cleffa active and 2 Gastly on the bench.
    Andy: I'll start this game! Draw! I start off by playing Pokemon Collector to get a Lost Gallade, Lost Dragonite, and a Lost Ninetales to my hand(*5). Next, I play the Stadium Card Lost World 2. I get a Psyduck EP on to my bench which activates it's ability for you to choose one Pokemon on your field to send to the Lost Zone.
    The Ghost: I send my Gastly to the Lost Zone.
    Andy: I continue by using Blaine's Gamble. Sending my entire hand to the Lost Zone to flip a coin. If it's heads, I get to draw twice as many cards.
    The flip was tails.
    Andy: No worries. I got ya anyway. All 6 Lost Pokemon now activate their abilities. First the Lost Gallade uses Lost Slash to discard one of your Pokemon. The Lost Dragonite benches itself with Lost Revival, The Lost Luxray has Lost Revival to bench itself, The Lost Gardevoir uses Lost Draw which let's me draw 2 cards, The Lost Gengar uses Lost Spirit to bench The Lost Gallade, and The Lost Ninetales uses Lost Levels to bench Rayquaza C LVX from my deck as well as attaching 1 energy, one energy, and two energy to Rayquaza C. I use The Lost Spiritomb's ability to send both cards to the Lost Zone to make Lost Spiritomb's Retreat Cost 0. Next, I retreat The Lost Spiritomb to bring up Rayquaza C LVX and use the attack Final Blowup dealing 200 damage for game.
    The Ghost screams in pain and disappears.
    Andy: Well that was weird.
    Silvia: Maybe I should be more careful. (*6)
    Andy: No need. Let's head back to the academy.
    And so they went back to normal deals.
    (*5) The Lost Pokemon are planned to be Basic Pokemon. Wait did I just spoil my new archetype? Whoops.
    (*6) That was an edited line to keep it clean. :)
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    Chapter 3: Andy's First Tournament
    Andy's House
    A mailman comes to put mail in the mailbox
    Andy's Mom: Andy! You got mail.
    Andy then walks down the stairs to collect the mail he got.
    He then goes to his room to check the mail.
    Andy: A package? I usually never get packages.
    He opens the package.
    Andy: A note?
    Note: Hey Andy, we like to qualify you to the Tournament of Average. We hope to see you there and
    you have a great time. From, Anonymous. P.S. We made you this deck for the tourney.
    Andy got a new deck.
    PMysterio then knocks on the door.
    Andy's Mom answers the door.
    PMysterio: Hello Ms. *** (*7).
    Andy's Mom: Hello PMysterio. If you are looking for Andy, he's in his room.
    PMysterio: Thanks.
    PMysterio then knocks on Andy's room door.
    Andy: You can come in if you like.
    PMysterio: Hey Andy, I came to... Woah! Did you just get this card?
    Andy: What card? It's just a standard... Now I see what card you are talking about.
    PMysterio: D....D....D....Ditto Prime. I heard about this card but I never seen it in person.
    Andy: Let's hope it lives up to its hype.
    Tournament of Average
    Andy: This is my first tournament. I hope I do good.
    Silvia: Hey Andy, what deck are you running today.
    Andy: I like to call it The Lost Copy.
    Silvia: Really now. I'm playing the new Zero archetype that just came out last week in the set called Zero's Revenge.
    Andy: I never knew about that set until now.
    Silvia: Well, you're missing the meta my friend. Zero decks have been winning tournaments all over the
    world from minor league to major league tournaments.
    Tournament Person: Will the contestants, please come to the battle arena.
    Andy: Man, this place is packed.
    Andy gazes over the crowd.
    Andy: PMysterio? Why is he in the Tournament of Average.
    Tournament Person: Andy vs PMysterio in arena 1. Silvia vs Ken in arena 2.
    Game between PMysterio and Andy begins
    PMysterio: Alright Andy, our battle begins but I will not go easy on you.
    Andy: Why are you even in the Tournament of average.
    PMysterio: I never got invited but I entered to stop Team Shadow from stealing people's souls.
    Andy: Okay. Fair enough.
    PMysterio and Andy: Let's battle!
    PMysterio: Dang, a mulligan. I shall draw a new hand of 7.
    Andy goes first having a Lost Spiritomb active
    PMysterio: That would be true, but I have Sableye which let's me go first. Draw! I play Pokemon Collector to get Jigglypuff P, Luxray GL, and Garchomp C to my hand. I bench them all down. I now attach an Energy Gain to Jigglypuff P. For my attack, I'll use Impersonate to discard a Cyrus' Conspiracy from my deck to search for a Lightning energy, Celio's Network, and another Energy Gain to my hand.
    Andy: It's my turn now. Draw! I use Erika so we both draw 3 cards maximum.
    PMysterio: I'll draw 3. Fine by me.
    Andy: While you're drawing your cards, I'll play the Speed trainer Deck Dynamite.(*8) All of your Pokemon take 60 damage.
    PMysterio: Sableye is knocked out.
    Andy: I bench Ditto Prime. I'll use Lost Spiritomb's ability Lost Sender sending 8 cards to the Lost Zone. Each Lost Pokemon now activate their Abilities. Lost Gardevoir has Lost Draw so I draw 2 cards, Dark Dragonite has Lost Revival to bench it self, Lost Luxray does too, and lost Ninetails has Lost Levels to bench Rayquaza C LVX from my deck along with attaching 1 , 1 , and 2 energies to Rayquaza C. I then use Ditto Prime's ability Transform Delta to copy Spiritomb's Lost Sender Ability to send both of my cards to the Lost Zone. I'll now retreat Lost Spiritomb to bring up Rayquaza C and do Final Blowup for the knock out. (*9)
    PMysterio: I'll bring up Jigglypuff P. Draw! I'll use Celio's Network to add a Jigglypuff P LVX to my hand. I level up Jigglypuff P and use it's ability Call for Friends to get Latias PM out of my deck and bench it. I bench Latios PM and use it's ability Dragon Heal to heal all damage counters from my SP Pokemon. I attach a Double Colorless Energy to Jigglypuff P and use the attack Song Of Eternal Slumber. I deal 20 damage to your Rayquaza and it falls asleep. If it stays asleep when my turn starts, Rayquaza C is Knocked Out and sent to the Lost Zone.
    The flip for sleep was tails.
    Andy: Draw! I use the supporter Bianca to draw 6 cards. (Just what I need.) I'll use Switch to put Lost Dragonite in the Active slot, attach a Double Colorless Energy to Lost Dragonite, and use Dragon Tail to switch Jigglypuff P for Latios PM an deal 100 damage to Latios PM.
    PMysterio: Latios PM is knocked out. I'll bring up Luxray GL. You are strong but now your game is over. Draw! I'll level up Luxray GL and use the Poke-Power Bright Look to bring up Ditto Prime. I'll attach a Lightning energy and an Energy Gain to Luxray GL and use Flash Impact to knock out Ditto and deal 30 damage to Latias. I'll use the Speed Trainer Damage Reverse to deal the 30 damage to Rayquaza C.
    Andy: I'll bring up Rayquaza C. Draw! I bench Ditto Prime.
    PMysterio: How did you get your hands on another Ditto Prime?
    Andy: Some random kid gave it to me at the academy. Anyway, I'll use Lost Spiritomb's ability Lost Sender to send all of the cards but 1 of the in my hand to the Lost Zone. I'll use Final Blowup to Knockout Luxray GL. I'll play the Speed Trainer Destroy or be Destroyed before the discard. I can attack again and for each Knockout for the rest of the turn, I take 2 Prize cards instead of 1. However, if I don't win this turn, I lose the game.
    PMysterio: What!? This is too good to be true!
    Andy wins by taking all 6 prizes
    Andy: That's my first tournament win.
    PMysterio: Shoot, I lost. Well Andy, you have gotten better since we last played. Good game.
    Andy: Good game indeed.
    Both players shake hands
    Tournament person: Congratulations Andy, you have beat one of the best players in the world and moved up to the Second Round. PMysterio, you're out of the tournament. Try harder next time.
    PMysterio: I'll stay for a while to watch the games.
    Andy: I wonder how...
    Silvia: Hey guys, how is it going?
    Andy: Did you win your match?
    Silvia: I was watching yours because mine took 5 minutes.
    PMysterio: I'll admit, Zero is an amazing deck. But, Andy's deck was so awesome that it rocked my world.
    Andy: Well, let's go kick some Shadow behinds!
    They put their hands in a team like form
    Andy, Silvia, and PMysterio: 1, 2, 3, SHADOW STOPPERS!
    *7: That is NOT a swear. I will not reveal the name of Andy's Mom.
    *8: You can tell that Speed Trainers can be used at many different times.
    *9: This is one of the only games that doesn't end in a OTK. :)

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    Chapter 4: The War Has Begun
    Tournament Of Average
    As you would probably know by now. After beating PMysterio, he swept right through the tourney until he got to the finals. For Silvia on the other hand......
    Shadow Person: Mwahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! I have you now Silvia. Your SOUL is mine.
    Silvia: Not if this topdeck will save me. Draw! (Thank you Zero. You have saved me.) I play the Supporter card Zero. Which lets me get a Sacred Reshiram Z to my hand. I now discard 3 Beedrill Z from my bench to bench Sacred Reshiram Z!
    Crowd: Oh man, that random dude is in trouble!!!!
    Silvia: I use it's Ability Zero Flare! It lets me draw 5 cards. If I can't attack this turn, I lose the game.
    Shadow Person: Well you lose my friend. I play the Speed Trainer Poke' Lock. You can't attack, retreat, or play any Trainer, Supporter, or Stadium card that applies to your Active Pokemon.
    Silvia: I guess I have to end my turn.
    Shadow Person: Well I guess your soul is ....
    PMysterio: STOP!
    PMysterio then runs up to the arena.
    PMysterio: I will not allow you to steal Silvia's soul! You still win the match though.
    Shadow Person: Of course PMysterio. I'll let her go this time. I shall now unveil myself.
    The Shadow Person then unveils himself.
    PMysterio: Evil Meowth? I remember when you said my Hariyama deck was too powerful that you banned me from a forum they call PokePros.(*10)
    Evil Meowth: Yes. It's because your deck had too many banned cards. Like Broken Time-Space, Junk Arm, Item Finder, Lopunny AR, .....
    PMysterio: Wait, Lopunny AR was Banned? How?
    Evil Meowth: It was too staple.
    PMysterio: Hariyama variants were the only decks that even used Lopunny.
    Evil Meowth: I don't give a junk for that nonsense. That is why I joined Team Shadow.
    PMysterio: You pickle that thaws out in a sewer pipe full of junk that kids done all over you!
    Evil Meowth: Harsh words coming out of your mouth. Do you want to be reminded of how I killed your parents? (*11)
    PMysterio: What did you say!?
    Silvia: I'm out.
    Evil Meowth: I'll spare you and not put the Soul stealing stipulation on.
    PMysterio and Evil Meowth: Let's go!
    PMysterio starts with 2 Jigglypuff P, 1 Luxray GL, 1 Latias PM, and 2 Garchomp C with 1 of them active.
    Flip is heads
    Evil Meowth: You would go first but I have Sableye SF active which lets me go first. Draw! I bench 4 Psyduck EP and use the ability Evil Tactics to send 4 of your Pokemon to the Lost Zone. Next I play 2 Poke-Turn Trainer Cards to put 2 Psyduck EP back in my hand and play them back down to win the game.
    PMystertio: I lost...... so...... easily?
    Evil Meowth: You are so weak that I could even send you to the Shadows someday.
    Evil Meowth leaves the room to prepare for his next match.
    PMysterio: Curse you Team Shadow. I'll avenge my parents and destroy all of you someday.
    If I die, I'm sending you're king with me.
    Andy: I've never seen PMysterio be this serious before and I knew him for 5 years.
    Silvia: Neither have I.
    Andy: I'll prepare for the finals real quick.
    Silvia: Yeah. I'll check on PMysterio in the locker room.
    *10: PokePros does not exist. It is a Pokemon TCG forum in their world.
    *11: Remember this is a false story so don't get any intentions that my parents are really dead or anything harsh that will happen later in the series as it will get more harsh and violent as time progresses.
    Editor's Note: I can mod at any time if I need to for any strange reason to save stress of redoing the whole chapter.
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    Chapter 5
    The Finale Of The Beginning
    Tournament Of Average
    Tournament Person: The finals are Andy VS Z-Z-Z-Zappa!(*12)
    Andy: Zappa? I never heard of this guy.
    PMysterio: To warn you, Zappa is super strong and currently the player to beat right now.
    Andy: Why do they call him Zappa?
    Zappa: Cuz I'll shock you to the curb with the most devastating deck of the format kid.
    PMysterio: Good luck Andy. You'll need it.
    Tournament Person: All right! Let's recap. (Andy put on an amazing show with Lost Pokemon sending his opponents to the Lost Zone with the devastating Rayquaza C LVX along with Ditto Prime to speed it all up!) (Zappa has every one on the run with Luxray Prime and Delcatty to make it the deck and player to beat!) Is everyone ready?
    Fans: Yeah!
    Andy and Zappa: Let the finals begin!
    Andy: Let's see my starting hand. Looking good right now.
    Zappa: I got you defeated.
    They set their Pokemon and 6 prize cards
    The coin is flipped and it is heads.
    Zappa: I go first and you will see my power as a Pokemon TCG master.
    Zappa's Pokemon were 2 Shinx and Andy's Pokemon were Lost Spiritomb and Ditto Prime.
    Zappa: Draw! I play Pokemon Collector to get Shaymin, Pachirisu, and Skitty. I bench Skitty, attach a energy to Shinx and use Bolt Break for 20 and I flip a coin. If it's tails, I have to discard 1 energy to Shinx.
    The flip was Heads.
    Andy: All right. Draw! I play Pokemon Roulette. I choose 6 Pokemon cards from my deck and you choose 1. That one goes to my hand and the others go to the Lost Zone.
    6 Lost Pokemon were chosen. Ninetales, 3 Gardevoir, Dragonite, and Gengar.
    Zappa: I choose Lost Ninetales to go to your hand.
    Andy: The Lost Gardevoirs let me draw 6 new cards with Lost Draw, Lost Dragonite benches itself, and Lost Gengar uses Lost Spirit to bench a Lost Gardevoir. I'll now use Lost Spiritomb's Ability Lost Sender to send the rest of my cards to the Lost Zone. Lost Ninetales' Lost Levels ability lets me put a Rayquaza C LVX from my deck to my bench and attach 1 , 2 , and 1 energies to it. I retreat Lost Spiritomb to bring up Rayquaza C LVX and use Final Blowup for a knockout.
    Zappa: I'll bring up Shinx. Draw! I use Rare Candy to evolve into my wingman, L-L-L-Luxray Prime. I evolve my Skitty into Delcatty and use it's Ability Energy Revolution. It lets me reveal cards from my deck until I reveal an Energy Card and that Energy card goes to my hand. Everything else gets discarded. Wowzaa! I revealed a zapping energy but I have to discard the other 4 I revealed. Just kidding. I play the Speed Trainer Draw The Discard that allows me to add them to my hand instead. I bench Pachirisu and use it's Poke-Power Self Generation to attach 2 Energy from my hand to Pachirisu. Luxray Prime's Ability Energy Magnet allows me to attach them to Luxray instead. I now use the attack Diaster Bolt which allows me to do 120 damage to anything.(*13) I choose Rayquaza C LVX to knock it out.
    Andy: Big deal. I'll send up Dragonite. Draw! I play the Trainer card Draw of the Lost. I draw 10 cards and send 10 cards to the Lost Zone.
    Zappa: Why would you send 10 cards to the Lost Zone?
    Andy: You'll see. I'll end my turn.
    Zappa: Okay then. Dra...
    Andy: Wait a minute. I'll play the Speed Trainer Exchange Of The Lost.
    PMysterio: How did he get that!?
    Andy: I had to have 10 cards in the Lost Zone and I could only play this card on your turn. You take 2 Prizes and we Exchange our decks with the Lost Zone so I have 14 cards in my deck and you have none.(*14)
    Zappa: You're telling me I lost by Deck-Out?
    Andy: Yeah.
    Zappa: Nnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tournament Person: What an amazing upset! Andy has beaten Zappa! Your new Tournament Of Average champion is, Andy!
    Andy: I won!
    PMysterio: That was impressive. You won with a rogue deck.
    Silvia: How many Zero decks did you come across Andy?
    Andy: I had 3 Zero players in my matches.
    Silvia: Your deck can beat Zero decks? I never knew the Lost Archetype stood a chance in the format.
    PMysterio: I knew this would happen. Congrats Andy.
    Andy: I'm ready to win some more.
    Narrator: And so our heroes won a tournament and ready for more. I wonder what will....
    PMysterio: Wait a second. I never hired a narrator.
    Narrator: Sorry uh, bye people reading this Fan Fiction.
    Andy: Wow. I didn't know we were a Fan Fiction.
    PMysterio: Just pretend we are not being typed up into 1 by someone on the internet. (*15)
    *12: I couldn't come up with anything better.
    *13: Talk about broken.
    *14: Deck-outs are not gonna be common.
    *15: LOL I just had to do that segment. :)

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    Chapter 6: Flamed To Not Be Tamed
    Shadow Palace
    Shadow King: Minions. Please get Ray and tell him to come over.
    Shadow Minion: Sorry sir, we have no idea where Ray is.
    Shadow King: Are you kidding me!? You're telling me that Ray is gone?
    Shadow Minion: It seems so.
    Shadow King: Track him down at once! He must not get away!
    Shadow Minions: Yes sir!
    PMysterio's House
    PMysterio: I can't believe I lost in the Tournament Of Average to Andy. I was sure to win. I need to come up with new deck ideas to win the Battle City Tournament.
    Someone then knocks on PMysterio's front door. PMysterio then goes to open the door. Stading there was Ray.
    PMysterio: You again? I don't have time to duel you right now. Do you mind finding another soul to steal?
    Ray: No, I have no thing in stealing your soul this time. I was a spy for the group to find out everything I needed to know so I can imform you, Andy, Silvia, and every Pokemon TCG duelist that is against Team Shadow.
    PMysterio: Tell me everything you know.
    Ray: As you wish. The Shadow King has the ultimate deck in the universe and his minions are only using decks made under his control so there are no minions that are tougher than him. So he is the biggest threat. He also has never lost a single game in his life because of his deck.(*16)
    PMysterio: His list?
    Ray then shows him the list.
    PMysterio: Amazing! It's the only deck I've seen that has no flaw. Wanna try it out for ourselves?
    Ray: We could except for this card right here.
    PMysterio: Oh yeah I forgot that one is a high-dollar card. If we had copies of it then we could.... Wait. I do have a copy of that card.
    Ray: How many?
    PMysterio: I opened a 2 EX Elemental Showdown booster packs a long time ago when it first came out and I pulled 2 of this card in a row.
    Ray: No way! Charizard EX. 2 of them at that. That's how many he runs in his deck. So we can try it out.
    PMysterio: I'll make you a deal. You help me make this deck and you can stay here for as long as you want to. (*17)
    Ray: Thanks. I'll help you make this deck and have a great time together.
    2 weeks later
    PMysterio: The deck is finally complete with my little tech choices.
    Ray: What about we try it out.
    PMysterio: Let's get our game on at the Pokemon Duel Academy.
    Ray: What about we get going then.
    Pokemon Duel Academy
    PMysterio: All right. This deck will rock the place no questions.
    PMysterio's phone rings. (LOL) He then answers the phone.
    PMysterio: Hello?
    ???: Hey P, what's up?
    PMysterio: Oh hey Andy, Ray and I are testing this deck we made at the Pokemon Duel Academy.
    Andy: Oh that's good. Dawn, Silvia, and I were making our ways there and I figured you would be there.
    PMysterio: Ask Dawn if she minds if my first opponent is her. Okay?
    Andy: She said she'll be glad to be your first opponent.
    Dawn: That's right. With my Empoleon Tribe deck there will be no way I'll lose.
    PMysterio: Empoleon Tribe?
    Dawn: Yeah. I made it last week to use in the Battle City Tournament in 2 months from now. I figured it would be a good underdog deck of the event.
    PMysterio: I was wondering why you weren't at the Tournament Of Average a month ago and now I know why.
    Dawn: Any time.
    Andy: Well we are just about there so I think I'll hang up now.
    PMysterio: Okay. Later.
    Andy: Later.
    They hang up.
    Dawn (Empoleon Tribe) VS PMysterio (???)
    Dawn starts with 2 Piplup and a Yanma active. PMysterio starts with 3 Charmander with one active.
    PMysterio: Ladies first. Go ahead and make the first move.
    Dawn: All right. Draw! I'll play Pokemon Collector to get a Baltoy, Uxie, and Yanma to my hand. I bench Baltoy and Yanma. I'll attach an Expert Belt and a Water Energy to Piplup. I end my turn with that.
    PMysterio: Let's do this. Draw! I use the Trainer card Rare Candy device. For this turn all Rare Candy cards can be used on my first turn and on Pokemon that were just played. However, all Rare Candy cards used this way are sent to the Lost Zone instead of the Discard Pile. I'll use Rare Candy number 1 to evolve Charmander into Charizard Delta Species. I use it's Poke-Power Peal Of Thunder. I look at the top 5 cards of my deck. I can then attack as many energy as I want from the group of 5 and attach them to 1 of my Pokemon. The rest get discarded. Well what do ya know? I got 3 and 2 energy this way. I attach them to Charmander. I bench Uxie which let's me draw 5 cards with my Set Up Poke-Power. I use Rare Candy number 2 to evolve my ready to rumble Charmander to have the ultimate beast, the living nightmare, the salamander dragon of flames, the most fearsome Fire-type Pokmeon. CHARIZARD EX! (*18)
    Dawn: Okay. Now I'm scared.
    PMysterio: I use the attack Slash to knock out Yanma and take my first prize.
    Dawn: I bring up Piplup. Draw! (What do I do? That Charizard is all fired up. If I play carelessly I'm done for.) I use Broken Time Space to evolve Piplup to Prinplup then to Empoleon.
    Ray: I've never seen that variant of Empoleon before.
    Dawn: Silly boy. This card came out a month ago in the set Zero's Revenge. (*19)
    Ray: Why have I never seen it?
    PMysterio: It might be because most of us were too focused on the Zero Pokemon themselves to worry about Empoleon.
    Dawn: I use it's ability Diving Draw. I discard 1 card from my hand to draw 2 cards. (Sweet!) I evolve Yanma to Yanmega Prime and Baltoy to Claydol. I then use Attack Command to knock out Charizard EX and take 2 prizes.
    PMysterio: I play the Speed Trainer Revival of the EX. When an EX Pokemon is about to get knocked out. It stays on the field with all damage recovered. You still take your prize cards. My turn. Draw! I'll just use Charizard EX's best attack Burn Down. Your Empoleon gets knocked out, I discard all of my energy, and I take 2 prizes.
    Andy: How can Charizard use Burn Down if it had no actual Energy?
    Silvia: It's Charizard's Poke-Body Energy Flame. All energy attached to Charizard are energy instead of their usual type.
    Andy: Hold on.
    PMysterio: Are you all right Dawn?
    Dawn: Yeah. I'm...... fine. I..... think that...... your deck........ is too........ strong for me.
    Dawn then faints
    PMysterio: Dawn? Dawn? Dawn, answer me. DAWN!!!!!!!
    Ray: That deck has too much power for you to control PMysterio. Thankfully Dawn is just knocked
    out from that Burn Down attack so she should be fine after a while.
    PMysterio: Let's hope.
    *16: He is a king so of course he would have never lost. Otherwise he'd lose his crown.
    *17: Ray was homeless after he left the palace.
    *18: If you think the narrator part was necessary enough, this was even more necessary. (*20)
    *19: I forgot to mention Japanese exclusive cards would make their appearances.
    *20: Read Chapter 5 if you want to understand note 18.
    I hope everyone had a great 2011 and has a better 2012.

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    Chapter 7: The Legend Of The 10 Star Cards and a Dark Memory
    Shadow Palace
    The Shadow King is looking in his book of legends when he finds something interesting.
    Shadow King: MINIONS!
    All of the Minions: Yes, my lord?
    Shadow King: I have finally found a way for total power. We need to collect thew 10 Star Cards so this whole world is our playground of shadows and terror for the rest of the world.*21
    Shadow Minion: But sir, should we find Ray? He is 1 of our top players you know.
    Shadow King: He was, but now we must eliminate him.
    Ray: (Hm, looks like something bad is gonna happen. I must warn PMysterio and the others.
    Andy's House
    Andy: So, PMysterio. How's that Charizard deck going?
    PMysterio: All I can say is that it........ well,
    Montage: PMysterio uses Burn Down and knocks out everyone in the montage.
    PMysterio: I think I should use something else for Battle City.
    Andy: Really? I was thinking about using something else too.
    PMysterio: Why? Lost Pokemon are so good.
    Andy: I'm thinking that people will start countering Lost decks with Lost World.
    PMysterio: Oh. So that's why you are changing to something else.
    Silvia is looking at the new deck she built.
    Dawn is looking over strategies with her Empoleon Tribe deck.
    Ray knocks on Andy's door.
    Andy: I'll get it.
    Andy opens the door.
    Ray: What's up Andy?
    Andy: Hey Ray. What's going on?
    Ray: Is the rest of our group here?
    Andy: Yes. They are all in my room cause we were just hanging out and trying out decks for Battle City.
    Ray: I need to speak with all of you guys.
    Andy's Living Room
    Dawn: So, what seems to be the problem?
    Ray: Okay, I decided to sneak in the Shadow Palace and I overheard their king. He was saying that they needed 10 Star Cards to take over the world.
    Silvia: What are the Star Cards.
    PMysterio: I remember them, they are mystical cards that control our world's balance. I think they were released about 1,000 years ago. They were banned from tournaments for 1,000 years because of their power. Unfortunately for us this must be the 1,000th year so collecting them is the biggest opportunity for someone to win Battle City.
    Andy's Mom: Did I hear about Star Cards?
    PMysterio: Yep, you did.
    Andy's Mom: I think I have one as an ancient relic I kept over the years.
    She then finds the Star Card she had.
    Andy's Mom: This is the one.
    PMysterio: Wow! It looks so cool.
    Dawn and Silvia: Our love for the cards has just changed.
    Andy: I think this will give us a big edge in battle.
    Andy's Mom: That would be true, but since you want it, you have to beat me for it.
    PMysterio: You play Pokemon too?
    Andy's Mom: I've been playing for a while but retired after Andy was born. I thought he would have little to no interest. But since he won the Tournament of Average, I'll ready my own deck and play again. Oh I almost forgot to ask you this. PMysterio, do you live with your parents still?
    Dawn: Yeah PM, you are around 15 years old.
    PMysterio: No, sadly. They both died when I was 8 and was never adopted since. The story goes like this. I was in the TCG Academy and when I came home. I saw this figure who was nicknamed Evil Meowth and my parents were together tied to a rope. They told me to get out as fast a possible and don't look back. I did with my cards. After I got out Evil Meowth got some oil and poured it all around the house with my parents sill inside. He then got the match and set the whole house on fire. In the end my parents were killed. Evil Meowth came to me and said that I should never come back to that same town ever again as they would think I was the killer. I left and never had parents since because I decided to live on the own. *22
    Dawn: That's really sad.
    Andy: I feel really bad for you.
    PMysterio: Don't feel bad for me, I was lonely until you guys entered my heart and changed me completely.
    Andy's Mom: Well, I can see why you would have no family.
    PMysterio: Yes, that is why I'll do anything for revenge. I was even given the Shadow Heart because of it.
    Andy: Well, your revenge is coming up soon. Don't worry about a thing.
    PMysterio: My revenge starts now. Maria, I'll play you in a game of Pokemon for your Star Card. *23
    Maria: I accept. Don't expect me to go easy.
    PMysterio: Shall we head to the gym?
    The Gym
    Dawn: Remember that this is a 6 prize game with the following Special Rules applied. If your last Pokemon gets knocked out, draw 3 cards. If you draw a Basic Pokemon, place it in your active slot. And if you run out of cards in your deck, put all of the cards in your Discard Pile into the deck and send the top 5 cards of your deck to the Lost Zone.
    PMysterio: Just what I want.
    Maria: All right.
    PMysterio and Maria: Let's go!
    *21: Awesome new plan.
    *22: What a dark past. Poor PM
    *23: Andy's Mom's name is Maria.
    *24: Suspense purposes.

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    Chapter 8- The Shadows Of The Dark Rust
    Last time on Pokemon TCG: The Shadows Return, PMy.....
    PMysterio: Dude, they can just read above this post just to see what happened last time. Now, for the real show.
    Maria starts with Bulbasaur active and Snivy on the Bench.
    PMysterio starts with Shadow Zorua active and Shadow Reshiram on the bench.
    Ray: Shadow Pokemon? Did he say that.....
    (Flashback: I was given the Shadow Heart because of it.)
    Ray: Of course, the Shadow Heart deck. It was made for the Shadow Side of PMysterio.
    Maria: All right, I'll go first. DRAW! I'll use Pokemon Collector to get 2 Solosis and a Shaymin (Land Forme) EX into my hand. I'll bench all of them down. I'll attach a energy to Bulbasaur and end my turn. Shaymin EX's Ability activates allowing me to search my deck for up to 2 Pokemon and add them to my hand. Your turn.
    PMysterio: Just what I want. DRAW! I'll use Memories of Dark Rust. This card allows me to search my deck for 3 Shadow Pokemon (excluding Dark Rust) and add them to my hand. I'll get Shadow Swablu, Shadow Jigglypuff, and Shadow Zekrom and bench them all down. The shadows shall rise above all. Crashing down on your soul. Darkness is your worst nightmare. I call on the Shadows of your Toybox, your world, and the Lord of all. I tribute Shadow Swablu, Shadow Zorua, and Shadow Jigglypuff to call on the Sacred Pokemon, DARK RUST!
    Dawn: Dark Rust?
    Ray: It was the final boss of another Pokemon game and now they decide to make it into a card!?
    Andy: I don't get your reference.
    Ray: Just follow the script. (*25)
    PMysterio: I attach a Shadow Energy to my newly active Dark Rust. (*26) I will have to discard 2 Shadow Pokemon my deck to attach this energy card to a Pokemon and I have to discard 2 more Shadow Pokemon from my deck due to Dark Rust's ability Shadow Sacrifice. I'll use Shadow Jigglypuff's ability Lost Cause to put 2 Shadow Pokemon from my Discard Pile to my deck and put Shadow Jigglypuff in the Lost Zone to be able to attach 2 more energy this turn. First, a Shadow energy to Dark Rust to discard 4 Shadow Pokemon from my deck. Then, a Energy to Dark Rust to discard 2 more Shadow Pokemon from my deck. Finally, I'll use Shadow Cycle. I put all of the Shadow Pokemon in my Discard Pile into my deck. For every card put into the deck this way, I deal 60 damage to any Pokemon I choose.
    Maria: Oh boy.
    PMysterio: I count 10. I'll deal 60 to all of your weak Pokemon and put the rest on Shaymin EX!
    Maria: I may have run out of Pokemon, but I can still draw 3 cards to get another basic.
    PMysterio: Sorry, I took all 6 prize cards. That means I win and the Star Card is mine.
    Maria: Never to an evil witch like you!
    PMysterio: Give it up or your soul is mine.
    Andy, Dawn, and Ray: He would never!
    PMysterio: Yes I would. Just give up the Star Card.
    Ray: You might as well.
    Maria: All right.
    PMysterio: Now I have 2 Star Cards. I'll be unstoppable now.
    Dawn: Wait, Dark Rust was a Star Card all this time.
    PMysterio: Yes.
    PMysterio: What's going on?
    Dawn: Purification? I don't understand.
    PMysterio get purified along with keeping his Shadow Heart deck.
    Andy: Who was that?
    ???: It's been a long time, has it PMysterio?
    PMysterio: I remember that voice. Wait, is it you (Gale)?
    ???: I do believe that it is time we team up again.
    ??? then comes down the roof.
    PMysterio: Hey Gale, long time no see.
    Gale: Stop stealing my line. (*27)
    PMysterio: Sorry. Well Gale, how's it been?
    Gale: It's been going well. Who are those people you are with.
    PMysterio: Oh, I like to introduce to to Andy, Maria (Andy's Mom), Dawn, and Ray.
    Ray: You never told us about a guy named Gale.
    Gale: I used to be the top Pokemon TCG player before Crow Jackson took it all away from me. Now, I'm a nothing.
    PMysterio: Don't say that. I bet even I can't get to your standards.
    Gale: What do ya say that I live with you?
    PMysterio: As long as you can deal with Ray, I'll let you.
    Andy's House
    Maria: Man, I lost the Star Card to PMysterio. I was going to give it to you, but now you'll have to battle him for it.
    Andy: Don't worry Mom, I beat him once and I can do it again.
    Maria: His deck was pretty strong. How are you supposed to beat that?
    Andy: Simple, I need to get a deck focused around Purification.
    Maria: That's easier said than done though as the cards came out 20 years ago and never been reprinted.
    Andy: How much does a Purification deck cost?
    Maria: 1,000,000 Pokedollars.
    Andy: I heard about a Pokemon Gamblelot tournament near here. Do you think we should try to win that?
    Dawn: I can do that. I'm great at Gamblelots. (*28)
    Maria: How did you get inside our house?
    Dawn: Your door was unlocked.
    Andy: Oh. I'll see you tomorrow at 5 AM.
    Dawn: Good night.
    Maria: Good night.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (*29)
    *25: Don't expect that joke often.
    *26:The ruling with a Sacred Pokemon is that if you tribute your Active Pokemon as a cost, the Sacred Pokemon is then considered the active Pokemon.
    *27: I guess Gale hated being copied.
    *28: A Gamblelot battle is..... Well, I'll save that for the next Chapter.
    *29: What happened to Silvia?
    I can't guarantee anything whatsoever so don't expect the next chapter too soon. That is also the reason why I don't give out release dates for chapters.

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    Chapter 9- The Gambler That Gamblelots
    Andy's House
    Maria: Good morning Andy, ready for the Gamblelot?
    Andy: Yes. How's Dawn doing?
    Maria: She's doing fine and should be here in a minute.
    Dawn knocks on the door.
    Maria opens the door.
    Dawn: Hello Ms. Maria, how's Andy doing.
    Maria: Doing great. He built his deck focused around the Gamblelot rules.
    Andy: I'm ready whenever you are.
    Dawn: Great! Let's go win 1,000,000 Pokedollars.
    Gamblelot Casino
    Andy: Man, this place is packed.
    Dawn: Twice as packed as the Tournament Of Average.
    Andy: You were never there.
    Dawn: I was in the crowd.
    Silvia pats Andy's back.
    Andy: Huh?
    Silvia: Hey Andy.
    Andy: Hey Silvia.
    Dawn: What about me?
    Silvia: ??? I don't know you.
    Dawn: I'm the one who played Empoleon Tribe in Chapter 6!
    Silvia: I never had a line in that Chapter whatsoever.
    Andy: Can't you 2 just stop? You're making a scene.
    Dawn and Silvia: We are?
    Andy: Yes. Anyway, we should start getting Pokedollars.
    Gamblelot Owner: Are you 3 newcomers?
    Andy: Yeah, why?
    Owner: You will need coins to play the Gamblelot games. It only takes 1,000 Pokedollars to buy 100 Gamblelot coins. At the end of the day. You can come by and bring your coins to get Pokedollars equal to 10 times the amount of Gamblelot coins you have.
    Andy: We'll each buy 1 set of 100 Gamblelot coins.
    Owner: The cost will bet 3,000 Pokedollars.
    Andy, Dawn, and Silvia pay 1,000 Pokedollars each.
    Owner: Here are your coins. Each sign leads to different Gamblelot games. The main attraction today is the tournament which cost 10,000 Gamblelot coins for each participant.
    Dawn: 10,000!? (*30)
    Andy: That's a tenth of 100,000.
    Owner: You have 6 hours to collect 9,900 Gamblelot coins and the winner of the tournament gets 100,000 Pokedollars.
    Dawn: Looks like we'll have to get 9,900 coins in 6 hours and win the tournament if we don't want to stay here all night.
    Andy: Let's go.
    Montage of Andy and Dawn winning coins. (*31)
    Andy: Finally. 10,000 coins.
    Dawn: That took forever.
    Andy: And enough time to enter the tournament.
    They enter the tournament.
    Gamblelot Tournament Arena
    Announcer guy: Hello Gamblers! I am your host for the evening. Have you built your decks and read the Gamblelot rulebook? If so, let's begin the Battle Royale!
    Dawn: I thought it was a tournament.
    Andy: Same here. Funny.
    PMysterio: Ha! I expected to see you here Andy. I will lure you in my trap.
    Random Guy: You are such a weirdo.
    PMysterio: I take it hard to that.
    Dawn: Ooh.
    Random Guy: Gonna say something?
    Dawn shakes her head.
    Random guy: That's what I thought.
    Announcer: Round 1!
    *30: IT'S OVER 9,000!!!!!!!!!! Had to do that reference.
    *31: Don't you love montages?
    *32: Suspense purpose.
    I would have gotten this out way sooner if things were going like normal on my account. Sorry for the delay. I'll try not to have that happen again.

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    Chapter 10: The Gamblelot Battle(s)
    Gamblelot Arena
    Dawn: Hey Andy, isn't that PMysterio?
    Andy: Yeah, and I think he plays to pay for powerful cards.
    Dawn: I see.
    Announcer: Shuffle your decks and let's start the battle.
    Announcer: Its contest choosing time!!! All we do is choose the pairings and match types.
    After a little shuffle of everything.
    Dawn: Why me?
    Andy: Anything wr.... Oh. Good luck.
    PMysterio: Dawn? No matter. I will still win.
    Montage of battles including epic defeats. *33
    Announcer: And, its time for Andy and PMysterio to battle it out for 100,000 Gamblelot Coins. *34
    PMysterio: Andy too? This is weird.
    After a little taste of shuffle.
    Andy: The Card Combo Challenge?
    PMysterio: Perfect. Its an auto win.
    Announcer: Now both players will draw 8 cards from their deck and see what combos you can do with those cards.
    Dawn: Good luck, Andy.
    Andy and PMysterio draw 8 cards.
    Andy: Not my style.
    PMysterio: Since this is your first time, I think I'll break the rules a little and help you out. You can discard up to 6 cards from your hand and draw an equal amount of cards. Wanna do that?
    Andy: I'll do it to make up.
    Andy discards 5 cards and draws 5 cards.
    Andy: I'll show my hand.
    PMysterio: That was the next step.
    Andy reveals his hand.
    PMysterio: I see. Well in that case, Mewtwo Donk.
    Announcer: Mewtwo EX along with a DCE, Switch, Celebi Prime, and a Grass Energy. That is a Mewbi Donk. PMysterio wins the first round!
    Dawn: Oh no.
    PMysterio: Prepare to lose 5 more rounds.
    Time for another montage
    Round 2
    Andy: Nightmare Loop.
    PMysterio: What? I lost a round? Oh well.
    Round 3
    PMysterio: Waterfall Colloseum Lockdown
    Announcer: Waterfall Colloseum and Windstorm! PMysterio wins!
    Andy: Wow.
    Round 4
    Andy: Lost Insanity.
    PMysterio and Announcer: Woah!
    Dawn and Silvia: Andy's old deck!
    Round 5
    PMysterio: Zero to Hero Extreme
    Announcer: That's new.
    Round 6
    Andy: Eeveelution Turbo
    PMysterio: Eeveelutions?
    Announcer: Those are old cards from back in my generation! Andy wins!
    Round 7
    PMysterio: Pichu's Playground.
    Announcer: What can you search for?
    PMysterio: 2 Mewtwo EX, 2 Celebi Prime, and Monferno Z
    Announcer: We have a winner.
    Round 8
    Andy: Waterfall Colloseum Lockdown
    PMysterio: Are you a copycat? Cause I have one in my hand.
    Andy: Copycat of my own.
    Announcer: Andy wins!
    PMysterio: Dang it.
    Round 9
    PMysterio: What about KGR Legend turbo?
    Andy: What? All you have is Pokemon Roulette and Lost Dealer.
    PMysterio: That is all I need.
    Announcer: PMysterio wins!
    Round 10
    Andy: Rayquaza with the Lost Nine Tails
    PMysterio: I have Copycat.
    Andy: So do I.
    Announcer: Andy wins!
    Announcer: It has been a heated battle. This is the final round. Hopefully.
    Dawn: Come on Andy. You can't let PMysterio win.
    Silvia: This is for his sake.
    Andy and PMysterio draw 8 cards.
    PMysterio: I'll discard 4 cards.
    Andy: I'll discard 6.
    Announcer: Discarding 6 is normally a risk. Let's see if it pays off.
    Andy: I'll wait for you.
    PMysterio: Shadow Flush. Including Dark Rust.
    Andy: I think I got the cure.
    PMysterio: What!? No.
    Andy: Yes. Purification Whirlwind.
    PMysterio: Purication Negation
    Andy: I'll prevent that with the Speed Trainer- Trainer Cancel.
    PMysterio: Copycat.
    Andy: Negate that too.
    PMysterio: No. I lost at my own game.
    Andy: Yes.
    Announcer: The winner of the Gamblelot Tournament is Andy!
    Crowd cheers.
    Announcer: As a result. Andy wins 100,000 Gamblelot coins!
    Andy's Room
    Andy: All right. I have 1,000,000 Pokedollars. All I have to do is.....
    PMysterio knocks on the door.
    Andy opens it for PMysterio
    PMysterio: Hi Andy. I figured I owe you something for beating me.
    Andy: Really?
    PMysterio: Yes. I'll see you tomorrow morning. It's getting kinda late. Ray and Gale might be worried on where I am. Good night.
    Andy: Good night.
    Andy then orders the Purification deck.
    Andy: The Shadow King is going down.
    *33: Are you tired of Montages?
    *34: The last Chapter had a typo and was supposed to say Gamblelot coins instead of Pokedollors.
    Everything is getting hectic. So I'll try to keep a good schedule going.

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