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    Alright guys i have yet another deck to ask for critique on.

    1 Pichu
    3-1-3 Vileplume/Bellesom
    2-1-2 Serperior Ability
    1-1 Dodrio (retreat aid)
    1-1 R&S Legend
    4-4 beartic (3 sheer cold/1 icy wind)

    4 dce
    3 rainbow

    3 Rare candy
    2 Cheren
    4 communication
    4 twins
    1 fsl
    3 collector
    3 copycat

    swarm the bench with cubchoo,dodou, and zekrom so you can start swinging by turn 2 or 4. this deck came exremely close to beating gothitelle yesterday but i lost due to catcher bait.(sneasel) other than that this deck is good. just need some advice on what to edit.
    EDIT: I included Vileplume/Bellosom/Serperior for lock & healing
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    no advice at all. so is the list good or not?
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