Reprinted with permission from Dan Brandt (Biggie).

It's been another year working with the best volunteer crew in the world and I gotta say, it's been a real blast! Thank you all for everything you do for us and more importantly for everything you continue to do for your local communities.

Our offices will be closed starting in the next hour or so and will not be open again until bright and early January 2nd. (our time )

In the meantime from everyone here to everyone out there: We hope that all of you and yours have an amazing holiday season! We will see you all again next year!

One other brief update: It appears that some folks who have already passed their background check are now receiving notifications telling them that they have lost all OP roles due to having not sent in paperwork on time.

This message is a glitch so please do not let this ruin your holiday cheer!

If you have already received notification that your paperwork was approved, absolutely nothing will change on your account. Please simply ignore the message and continue as normal. When we get back into the office next year, we will go through and get this fixed.