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Thread: the maestros trade thread updated with some next destinies stuff

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    didn't see much. mainly looking for fa and ex's

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    didn't see anything. do you have any other fa besides reshi and zekrom?

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    i will be getting in the mail

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    do you have any junk arms, pokegears, or lost removers.

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    gamer: i'd be interested in terrakion or virizion.
    vespa: no sorry

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    if its holo and not reverse i can do that. pm me to confirm

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    Shaymin Ex

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    Trade Thread:
    Please post responses on my list and I'll post responses on your list!

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    urza: victini is pending in a trade but if it doesn't go through i'll take you up on that. if it doesn't i have these from your wants as well if your interested.
    3 Double Colorless Energy (Foil)
    2 Professor Juniper (1 foil 1 reg)

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    Would you please CML for the Hydregon?
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