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Thread: Coolest Pokemon tattoo Ever

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    Quote Originally Posted by secretsof2113 View Post
    Once more money is involved, I plan to get this turned into a full Pokemon sleeve.
    Hopefully work on the shading. People focus too much on color, and not on the actual tat. This could of been a great Tatty without color.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Puff N Stuff View Post

    I don't mean to offend ( you at least. ) How ever, I mean to offend your tattoo jockey ( I don't call him an artist, purely by looking at his work. ) The detail on the energy, and the tribal leaves a lot to be desired. As most users have said, when getting something permanent on your body. Spend the extra time, and money finding someone who is dedicated to quality.

    For example, the tattoo artist I use in Florida is not only a good friend, but he currently holds the Guinness Book of World records for the Smallest Portrait tattoos. ( Basically, he is incredibly good at small detail )

    It's your body, and you are free to do as you please. But, do you really want to end up on Failblogs tattoo section for lolwth tattoo pictures? : P
    Wow, I thought my tattoo was pretty cool. I guess I dont have any taste. I like my design, and wanted it to be rough looking but I guess it isnt accepted here if you draw it yourself and have it done and its not "perfect". I will have to get seomone else to design my next one and not do it myself.

    On a brighter note, I am glad you have the best tattoo artist in the world as your friend and your artist. Too bad we cant all be so lucky.
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    If you did that tattoo yourself then thats pretty good if i tried to do one myself it would come out horrible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drifloon kill View Post
    If you did that tattoo yourself then thats pretty good if i tried to do one myself it would come out horrible.
    I didnt do the actual tattooing part but the design was mine. tattoo person just copied it on to my arm.

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