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Thread: 2012-04-13 ND Zekrom EX 051 Double Take

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    2012-04-13 ND Zekrom EX 051 Double Take

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    2012-04-13 ND Zekrom EX 051 Double Take

    Now that States has wrapped, let's see how feelings may have changed!!
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    Useful in every lighting deck but still overshadowed by mewtwo ex. Can ohko mewtwo with two PP. swings mewtwo wars in a clutch.
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    10/10 BCIF imo. easy to use thanks to eelecktrik.

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    Really good card, takes care of Magnezone and Typhlosion pretty easily. Solid play in an Eels deck although I would not run more than 1 because you don't wanna start with it. Also, watch out for Terrakion. 8/10
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    Friday the 13th's "unlucky" CotD Double Take was Zekrom EX from ND. Original post from 2/22 of this year:

    Today's CotD is Zekrom EX from ND, a perfect compliment to the already potent Zekrom decks out there. Statwise 180 HP is about average for an EX, x2 Weakness to is eh, no Resistance is common, and to Retreat is expensive. Glinting Claw, eh, it's there, for a base 50 isn't that good, even with a 50/50 chance to deal 30 more for 80 total. Strong Volt is good though, for 150 is big, even with the 2 Energy discard requirement. Played with Eel, it makes for a pretty scary deck alongside your already quick regular Zekroms, and it doesn't inflict self-damage like it either. This might even be use worth using as much or more than the regular one for that matter...

    Modified - 9/10 - The even bigger hitter for Zekrom decks, and it's easy to maintain if you pay Eels too. Sure it still won't OHKO Mewtwo EX or something, but it'll punch through just about any Stage 2 with ease without needing to use a PlusPower like the regular Zekrom

    Limited - 9/10 - I'd personally keep it in a binder to trade away, but if you're running , you use Zekrom EX

    Unlimited - 2/10 - Eh, it's a big beatstick that can do its job since the archetype is filled with ways of funneling about Energy
    So...if anything, probably a 9.5/10 at the moment, it's still dominating the scene with Eels and regular Zekrom. Still a giant terror pretty much. Expect to see even more if that's even possible.
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