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Thread: Trading for Terrakion

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    Cool Trading for Terrakion

    I need Terrakion NV x2. RH or H i dont care. FA if you have it.

    all cards I have are mint and kept safe in sleeve and top loader. I ship inside U.S. only.
    Cards must be mint and well kept.
    For reg Terrakion I be willing to trade:(pick one for one)

    Musharna x2
    Vanilluxe ND H
    Reshiram ND RH
    Articuno ND H x4
    Feraligtr Prime x3
    Blissy Prime
    Landorus RH x3
    Machamp Prime x2
    Reniculus BW H

    For FA Terrakion will trade:(pick one for one)
    FA Reshiram
    FA Kyurem EX
    FA Tornadus
    FA Thundurus
    Zekrom EX (original not promo)

    I also have RH trainers and supporters. Name what you are searching for.
    Also RH commons and uncommons from ND, EP, call of legends and more!
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    are you trading all those cards for a FA terrakion or just some of them?
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    for FA i will trade one FA of your choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madchamp View Post
    Do you have any catchers??
    sorry none for trade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poke-j View Post
    are you trading all those cards for a FA terrakion or just some of them?
    I will trade one of my FA for one of your FA Terrakion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darknezz View Post
    have any collectors
    sorry none for trade

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