This is my main deck for Unlimited 100 card singleton using the 150 rules/banlist. If you're unsure of the rules see my post here on Pokegym at: and a link to the Facebook page is in my sig. Hopefully you can help me with some tweaks, I know Dark Explorers is going to help A LOT!
EXs (B+W series) are banned and certain other cards are upgraded to ex status, which I've noted. I've left the specific set for most of the un-evolved Pokemon off as the choice generally doesn't matter too much and put a link to EVERY named card (0_0 oh god, that took a while) Here's the deck-list, strategy and card choices follow below:

4 Tyranitar
*Dark Tyranitar (Rocket Returns #19)
*Dark Tyranitar (Rocket Returns #20)
*Tyranitar Prime [ex] (Unleashed)
*Tyranitar (Stormfront)
3 Pupitar
4 Larvitar

3 Honchkrow
*Honchkrow Lv.X (Secret Wonders)
*Honchkrow (Mysterious Treasures)
*Honchkrow (Undaunted)
4 Murkrow

3 Darkrai
*Darkrai Lv.X (Great Encounters)
*Darkrai (Majestic Dawn)
*Darkrai (Great Encounters)

2 Weavile
*Weavile (Secret Wonders)
*Weavile (Undaunted)
2 Sneasel
*Sneasel (Undaunted)
*Sneasel (Neo Genesis)

1 Sharpedo (Triumphant)
1 Carvanha

1 Claydol (Great Encounters)
1 Baltoy

1 Zoroark [ex] (Black & White)
1 Zorua

1 Absol (Secret Wonders)

1 Spinda (Legend Maker)

1 Flip Victini [ex] (Noble Victories)

1 Ditto (Fossil)

1 Sableye (Stormfront)

1 Spiritomb (Arceus)

1 Holon's Castform (Holon Phantoms)

TRAINERS etc. 33

*Pokemon search:
Professor Elm's Training Method
Bebe's Search
Celio's Network
Roseanne's Research
Lanette's Net Search
Pokemon Fan Club
Pokemon Collector
Holon Mentor
Pokemon Communication
Poke Ball
Dual Ball
Great Ball

*Other search:
Computer Search

Team Rocket's Trickery
Team Galactic's Mars
Team Galactic's Wager
Pokemon Catcher
Gust Of Wind
Energy Removal
Super Energy Removal
Warp Point

Fluffy Berry
Focus Band
Expert Belt
Energy Root

Moonlight Stadium
Pokemon Breeder
Rare Candy
Pokemon Retriever
Black Belt


1 Darkness Energy (special)
Rainbow Energy
Multi Energy
Double Rainbow Energy
Scramble Energy
Double Colorless Energy

20 Dark Energy
3 Fighting Energy

The Honchkrow line has become my main attacker (it's my favourite Pokemon) as it provides discard which helps with this decks disruption theme. Mysterious treasures Honchkrow is one of my favorite card designs ever, if it has the energy to use its attacks, all my Murkrow can use them for free. This combos well with double rainbow well as the -10 damage won't apply to the Murkrow. They also have resistance to fighting which covers for my Tyranitars weaknesses.

Tyranitar is a huge tank of a Pokemon and their spread attacks put pressure on popular bench sitters like Claydol and Dark Dragonair. Speaking of Claydol, it's the draw engine this deck uses and there's no better option in Dark and it can use my splash of Fighting energy to maybe hit an Electric Pokemon for 80.

There's some excellent set-up Pokemon in Dark such as Sableye and Spiritomb. Ditto from Fossil scales with the powercreep of the game... it'll probably never be bad :P What ever broken Pokemon your opponent has, you get it as a basic, such a cool card! Anyway...

It's strengths are:
*almost mono-typed means reliable energy
*good spread and snipe options alongside strong direct attacks
*low energy usage through SF Tyranitar and MT Honchkrow
*lots of disruption
*few ex's

*few strong, independant basics
*lack of energy acceleration (I plan on getting an exp. share for this)
*reliance on Claydol
*almost mono-typed means unlikely to hit for weakness
*no good "walls" or "safe guard"ers

Please comment and maybe even give the format a try! I have LackeyCCG and Skype if you want to give it a go.