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Thread: Keldeo EX - Rush In ability

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    Keldeo EX - Rush In ability


    I have a question regarding Keldeo EX and its ability 'Rush In'.

    Rush in states that 'Once during your turn, if this Pokemon is on your bench, you may switch this Pokemon with your Active'.

    Now can this be used once per Keldeo EX? Or can you only use one Rush in per turn?

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    The "once" refers to that particular Keldeo EX, so if you Rush In and retreat to something else, you can't Rush In with the same Keldeo EX.

    If you have a 2nd Keldeo EX on the bench though, you can Rush In a 2nd time
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    Excellent! Makes the Vaniluxe match up alot better. Or any build that locks for that matter.

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    Is Vanilluxe still in the format??
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    Apparently. NVI, AMT. Same set as terrakion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nugget_ View Post
    Apparently. NVI, AMT. Same set as terrakion.
    He meant "is it considered playable?" I'm sure.

    And that would be 'not really'
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    Quote Originally Posted by ogremarauder View Post
    He meant "is it considered playable?" I'm sure.

    And that would be 'not really'
    Preeeety sure that Amt's a girl actually.

    And from an outsiders perspective who still keeps an eye on the news, I can say that I haven't seen Vanilluxe on anything in months. So I'm guessing it's not as played as it used to be.
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