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Thread: Sand Paper and Miscolored Pokemon Cards

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    Sand Paper and Miscolored Pokemon Cards

    I could try to later scan these but these are the cards.

    Lombre 37/100, Miscolored. From a Different country? Instead of Lotad in the evolution box it says Piunder.
    Wingull 70/100, Miscolored.
    Banette 1/100, Sand Paper Surface.
    Sharpedo 38/108, Sand Paper Surface.
    Delcatty 8/108, Sand Paper Surface. Traded it to a friend and he lost it.
    Cradily 7/108, Sand Paper Surface.

    Do you guys know if these are real or fake?

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    Most likely, these are fake. The Lombre most definitely is. Sandpaper surface sounds like fake, and Wingull is probably fake if the rest are.
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    This link is also on the homepage in the upper-left corner.

    Barring obvious fakes, scans would be nice.

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