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Thread: Colonial Heights VA Pokemon League Reunion

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    Colonial Heights VA Pokemon League Reunion

    Hello everybody! By chance did you play the Pokemon TCG at the Books-A-Million in Colonial Heights anywhere from 1998 - 2003 (or even later)? I have been thinking about a reunion tournament of sorts. I've tried finding people from this now-defunct League but it is virtually impossible. I have only even found one page confirming its existence, some Pojo League Report from 2000. Only a few names come to me and maybe this will help jog your memory. Some of the players/regulars were Chris, Brianna, Elijah (he helped organize the league but wasn't the official person), Gilligan, Madison and his dad, and someone whose name matches that of a popular television character. Some other faces come to me but not their names. And remember this is just a small slice of the people who went there over the years. I'm basically looking for regulars from this location from any period of time.

    The tournament will likely be quite a ways off, as the odds of finding any of you is going to be slim and even slimmer with a mandated time frame. I am looking forward to hearing from you!
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    I hope there isn't a double post rule. I just want to say I do check this thread periodically; if this thread applies to you, please post here.

    Here is all I can find on the internet regarding the league, other than this thread:

    So yeah, not too much out there. The first one does seem to be written by a regular at the time, but there is no real lead on that page.

    I sort of feel like Will Smith at this point:


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    Checking in these two years later to reiterate that I do check this thread every few months. I was actually able to find Brianna, but no one else so far.

    If you guys see this, please reach out and post here.

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