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Thread: Buying Bulk C/U $.05 Rares $.07 holo rares $.10

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    Buying Bulk C/U $.05 Rares $.07 holo rares $.10

    Like the title states I am looking to buy Bulk c/uc/R/H. A Lot of them....

    The following is the list of prices, which is what Troll and Toad is paying, or a bit more than them.

    The benefit of selling your bulk to me is that I pay with Paypal up front.

    I also have a lot of XY singles cards that I can trade for bulk as well.

    Any Pokemon Basic Energy English Near Mint $0.0250
    Bulk C/UC English Near Mint $0.05
    Bulk Holo Promo English Near Mint $0.05
    Bulk Holo Rare English Near Mint $0.10
    Bulk Non-holo Rare English Near Mint $0.07
    Bulk Reverse Holo Common/uncommon
    English Near Mint $0.07
    Bulk Any Pokemon Ultra Rare English Near Mint $1.00

    -I will be very selective to make sure there is no damaged or foreign cards.
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    I have edited the personal information out of your post. Deals need to be set up here for reference reasons anyhow. Once finalized, they then can be taken to PM.
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