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Thread: Fake or misprint?

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    Fake or misprint?

    I found these cards in an auction, but can't determine whether they're fake or misprints. Sorry for the tiny images, but that's all I have. (Diglett) (Vaporeon)

    I know that there are holo Vaporeons without the Jungle symbol, but I can't find anything on it's non holo version. Also, I can't find a single 1st print Team Rocket Diglett that's holo outside of this auction.

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    Diglett looks fake (though a larger image would help) - i don't remember a holo 1st edition Diglett
    Vaporeon could be real - the Jungle set was printed with Holo and Non-Holo versions of cards-
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    Unfortunately the seller didn't respond to my request for more (and larger) pictures, and now the auction has ended, so I guess we'll never know.

    Thanks for (kind of) confirming Diglett, I thought so too. And I know that the Jungle set included non-holo versions too, but this card was missing the Jungle set symbol below the picture, which - as far as I know - only happened as a misprint on the holo versions. I didn't dare to buy the cards, after all, the only card I was interested in (assuming it was a misprint) might have been a fake.

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    Yeah, the missing jungle symbol was only on the holo versions of the cards.
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