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Thread: Error card that i can't find much info on krabby hand error

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    Error card that i can't find much info on krabby hand error

    i was going through some old pokemon cards and i found a krabby fossil with half the hand missing it is identical to the one on ebay that is 5k i am not assuming that is what it is worth at all but i am just wondering how rare it is ?
    everything about the card checks out as not counterfeit you cant see light through it ,everything is crisp , tm is after the pokemon on the back and the fact that some one is selling one like mine means its at least 2 of a kind any info would be greatly appreciated
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    Assuming it is real, it would probably have some extra value to collectors of error cards.
    Nowhere near $5K, though.

    Anyone can ask for any price when they put something on eBay.
    The only price that matters is what someone else is willing to pay for it.

    This kind of error would add a few dollars to the value.
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