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Thread: Re: SUM Dragonair's Dragon's Wish and attaching energy ANY TIME before turn ends

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    Re: SUM Dragonair's Dragon's Wish and attaching energy ANY TIME before turn ends

    Sorry, not sure what you mean by "the effect of the attack ends once the new Energy cards make it to the hand".
    For example, during their turn after using Dragon's Wish, a player uses SUM Bruxish's Vivid Charge to get three basic Energy from their deck. That's what I meant, since I had originally asked if it would be possible to also place down Energy obtained "from the effect of an attack, whether it be by drawing, searching, or retrieving from the discard pile."

    My edit from my original post somewhat turned down that possibility since a player's turn ends once the effects and damage, if any, of the attack are resolved. And then you stated that Dragon's Wish only applies before the attack, which the card doesn't explicitly state. Not that it would have to, since the turn ends once an attack is resolved anyway.

    That was the intention of my question: whether or not "your turn" includes whatever happens during your next attack, if any.

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    Once you attack, you can't do anything else other than actions related to or triggered by that attack.
    So you would not be able to play any more energy cards from this effect.
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