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Thread: Pokemon Infractions - Remedies for common errors

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    Pokemon Infractions - Remedies for common errors


    Is there an official rules resource for applying remedies for common errors in Pokémon tournaments? The Penalty Guidelines gives the penalties, but does not necessarily provide a remedy.

    Example: Player B has Silent Lab in play. Player A activates Hoopa-EX on the bench, and searches the deck for Pokémon. At this point the players realize the error and call a judge. What does the judge do with the cards, and where is this documented?



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    Well, the goal of the fix is to bring the game state back to where it should be, or as close as possible.

    In this case, playing Hoopa EX was a legal play, so it stays on the bench. The player does not get to take it back, unless the opponent wises to allow it.

    There was an illegal use of an Ability. The penalty would be for this. Warning or Prize Loss, depending on the level of the tournament.

    The deck search can't be undone, but that is part of the use of the Ability.

    The search and taking of Pokemon would be rewound. Any Pokemon obtained would be shuffled into the deck.

    At this point, you have rewound the game state as much as possible to the last legal action.
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    Thanks. This all makes logical sense. Is there a place where remedies to common problems are documented?

    (i.e., where does it instruct the judge to rewind?)

    Sincerely, Steve.

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