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Thread: Guardians Rising Absol

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    Guardians Rising Absol

    I would like some clarity about the Absol from Guardians Rising, specifically the second attack - Doom News. It says "Put all Energy attached to this Pokemon into your hand. At the end of your opponent's next turn, the Defending Pokemon will be Knocked Out." I have discussed this card with my friends and Judges at league and we have come to the conclusion that this effect from Absol is placed on the opponent, not any specific pokemon in play. So the end result would be that regardless of what the opponent does during their next turn, either switching the active or evolving, whatever pokemon is in the active will be KO'd at the end of their turn, unless of course they play Pokemon Ranger.

    Is this the correct line of thinking or is the effect on the Defending pokemon?

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    Sorry, no that would not be correct.
    The attack specifies "the Defending Pokemon".
    The is the Pokemon that is actually attacked.
    And the effect is placed on that Pokemon so if it is no longer in the Active position at the end of the next turn, then the effect is gone/wasted.
    Retreating to the bench, evolving, or leaving play would all eliminate the effect.

    For it to work the way you say, it would have to say "the Opponent's Active Pokemon".
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