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Thread: Roadblock Sudowoodo, Hex Maniac, and a Knock Out

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    Roadblock Sudowoodo, Hex Maniac, and a Knock Out

    I have a Bench of four Pokemon and my opponent has GRI Sudowoodo on their Bench. I play Hex Maniac and place down a fifth Pokemon on my Bench. During my opponent's next turn, they Knock Out my Active Pokemon.

    Do I promote one of my Benched Pokemon before Sudowoodo's Roadblock comes back into effect? The rulebook says that a Benched Pokemon is promoted after a Knock Out before a turn ends, so it seems that I would not have to discard any Pokemon as a result of Roadblock.

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    Yes, you would promote a new Pokemon first.
    You have resolve all things triggered by the attack before the turn ends, so you promote before the turn ends.
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