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Thread: Confusion and GX Attacks?

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    Confusion and GX Attacks?

    I saw that this had been asked by another user quite some time ago (I found that post through a Google search), but his question went without a reply so I figured this was worth asking again.

    If a Pokemon GX were to be confused and opted to attack, but failed the confusion flip, would the GX Attack be expended for the game or would it not? I have heard multiple answers regarding this from multiple sources, both online and in person, so I figured I needed to find out once and for all. Thanks.

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    We answered it by posting a Ruling in the Compendium.
    I didn't realize we didn't copy it to the question in the forum.

    Here is the official ruling:

    Q. If my Confused Pokemon tries to use a GX attack and flips Tails, does that use up my "one GX attack per game"?
    A. No, if you flip tails the attack fails and you don't use up your GX attack. (Jan 26, 2017 TPCi Rules Team)
    Here is a link to the Compendium with the official ruling:

    A good document to save a link to!
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