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Thread: Ruling error decision matrix on professor exam

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    Ruling error decision matrix on professor exam

    Good morning team. I am a professor retaking the exam and cannot find it in WRITING where the decision on the ruling error is addressed. I have read all the rulings material on play Pokémon rulings on the website, downloaded all my manuals and even did a word search for ruling error but to no avail. I FEEL I know the answer but, if I am ever challenged, I'd like to be able to show any player the just helps keep an honest man, honest. PLEASE any and all help is already appreciated. I am so stressed out about it that I let failed my last exam last month and don't want to do that again - ever again.

    FYI: The Massimo ruling error decision is the one in question.

    Luis Caraballo

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    PM me with the details of the question and I'll answer by PM as best as I can.
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