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Thread: Jungle Totem vs Energy Drive

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    Jungle Totem vs Energy Drive

    Player 1 has a Venusaur with Jungle totem in play. The Active Pokémon is Tapu Lele GX with 2 Grass energy attached.

    Player 2 Has an active Tapu Lele GX with a Double Colorless Energy attached.

    If Player 1 attack, Venusaur's Jungle Totem allows Player 1's Tapu Lele GX's Energy Drive attack to do 120 damages (the 2 Grass energy counts as a total of 4)

    However, if Player 2 attack, does the 2 Grass Energy on the Player 1's Tapu Lele GX is still doubled?

    My assumption is that the ability cannot be turned off, just like Garbodor's ability cannot be turned off at the player's wish. So Player's 2 Tapu Lele GX does also 120 damages, correct?

    Ability: Jungle Totem
    Each basic Energy attached to your Pokémon provides Energy. You can't apply more than 1 Jungle Totem Ability at a time.

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    It's not an activated Ability.
    They are constantly providing GG each, so they each will count for two energy in all of these cases.
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