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Thread: Encyclopedia of Pokemon Terminology

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    what does GJ mean? and also GC or GG or G something else?

    10. What new feature on the PokeGym was added as an activity during the 2007 PokeGym Celebration?
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    GJ could mean good job.
    GG = good game.
    Just plain old G?
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    GC= Gym Challenge? Out of date now...

    G= anything that begins with G lol

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    What does SD stand for? Usually I don't ask these sorts of questions, I just wait until someone uses its unabreviated form, but I've heard this one tossed around a bit and I'm having trouble figuring it out from the context.

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    Secret Deck
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    The NEW Encyclopedia of Pokemon Treminology

    I was looking at the Pokemon Terminology Thread and saw how out of date it was so
    I thought it was time for a NEW Pokemon Terminology Thread...
    Off We go:

    -Status Conditions/Markers:

    -Poisoned: The pokemon receives 1 damage counter after each players turn unless it retreats, evolves, a card that can move the pokemon to the bench is played, or a status healing card is played.

    -Asleep: The player flips a coin after each players turn. If a heads is flipped the pokemon is awake, if tails the pokemon remains asleep. If a Pokemon is asleep they can't attack or retreat. You can cure sleep by evolving, a card that can move the pokemon to the bench is played, or playing a status healing card.

    -Confusion: The player flips a coin whenever they try to attack with a confused pokemon. If heads, the attack goes off normally, if tails, the pokemon receives 3 damage counters. Confusion can be removed by retreating, evolving, a card that can move the pokemon to the bench is played, or by playing a status healing card.

    -Burned: When a pokemon is burned, the player flips a coin after every turn, if heads nothing happens, if tails the pokemon receives 2 damage counters unless otherwise stated. Burn can be removed by retreating, evolving, a card that can move the pokemon to the bench is played, or by playing a status healing card.

    -Paralysis- When a pokemon is paralyzed, they can not attack on the turn that they are paralyzed. They become un-paralyzed when the player ends their turn, the pokemon evolves, a card that can move the pokemon to the bench is played, or a status healing card is played

    -Imprison Counter: If a pokemon has an imprison counter on them they can not use any pokemon powers or pokemon bodies until they evolve, leave the playing field completely, or a card is played to get rid of the counter(i.e. Tropius Dragon Frontiers).

    -Shockwave Marker: A Shockwave counter is placed by Tyranitar delta ex’s first attack. The pokemon with a shockwave marker can be knocked out automatically by Tyranitar’s third attack. However, a Shockwave Marker can be removed by evolving, leaving the playing field completely, or a card that gets rid of the counter(i.e Tropius Dragon Frontiers).

    Terms on Cards themselves:
    HP - Hit points or Health Points
    Poke-Power - Pokemon Power
    Poke-Body - Pokemon Body
    C - Colorless ( Pokémon type)
    D - Dark (Energy card / Pokémon type)
    F - Fighting (Energy card / Pokémon type)
    G - Grass (Energy card / Pokémon type)
    L - Lightning (Energy card / Pokémon type)
    M - Metal (Energy card / Pokémon type)
    P - Psychic (Energy card / Pokémon type)
    R - Fire (Energy card / Pokémon type)
    W - Water (Energy card / Pokémon type)
    -Source Swampert_Ex

    Every Set Released Starting from Set 1:
    BS - Base Set
    J- Jungle
    F- Fossil
    TR - Team Rocket
    GH - Gym Heroes
    GC - Gym Challenge
    Neo1 - Neo Genesis
    Neo2 - Neo Discovery
    Neo3 - Neo Revelations
    Neo4 - Neo Destiny
    SI - Southern Island
    Black Star Promos - Series of consecutively numbered promo cards. These include the Pokemon TCG cards given away at the Movies (except Ancient Mew) and earned in tournaments (reverse holo Rainbow energy isn't numbered either).
    Ex- Expedition
    R/S-Ruby & Sapphire
    SS-Sandstorm (Note: another abbreviation for Sandstorm is Sand.)
    DR- Dragon
    TM v TA- Team Aqua v Team Magma
    HL- Hidden Legends
    FRLG- Fire Red Leaf Green
    TRR- Team Rocket Returns
    DX- Deoxys
    EM- Emerald
    UF- Unseen Forces
    DS- Delta Species
    LM- Legend Maker
    HP- Holon Phantoms
    CG- Crystal Guardians
    DF- Dragon Frontiers
    PK- Power Keepers
    DP- Diamond and Pearl
    OP Series of Promos: 1; 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5

    Abbreviations or Commonly Used Terms For Cards:
    POR- Professor Oak’s Research
    PETM - Professor Elm
    ER2 - Energy Removal 2
    PP - Plus Power
    TVR- TV Reporter
    TV- Town Volunteers
    Tom Hanks- Castaway
    RC- Rare Candy
    SSU- Super Scoop Up
    Briney- Mr. Briney’s Compassion
    Holon Engine- Refers To a Set of cards used in the set up of a deck(cards include, Holon Transceiver, Holon Mentor, Holon Adventurer, Holon Farmer, and Holon Scientist. NOTE: Other Holon Cards can be used to compliment the engine like Holon Lass and Holon Researcher.
    Trans: Holon Transceiver
    d- Delta Pokemon
    Rk9 - Arcanine
    T-Tar - Tyranitar
    Blaze- Blaziken
    Fire Monkey- Infernape
    RayRay/RayEx- Rayquaza Ex
    Gardy Ex- Gardevoir Ex
    Flyex = Flygon ex

    Other Terms:
    T1 Win- You win the game on the first turn
    OHKO - One Hit Knockout
    CCG - Collector Card Game
    TCG - Trading Card Game
    RPG - Role Playing Game
    Appr - Apprentice; A free download that lets you play Magic the Gathering over the internet, which can be fixed to play Pokémon TCG with the aid of a special patch.
    RTC - Random Topic Center
    TO - Tournament Organizer
    LO- League Owner
    LL- League Leader
    PTO- Premier Tournament Organizer
    BDIF- Best Deck In Format
    QFT- Quoted For Truth
    GG- Good Game
    Donk/Top Deck- When A Player gets the card they need to win or take a commanding lead in a game.
    noob - A player inexperienced in the game.
    Luck Sack- A player, who no matter what their skill is, always seems to get the cards they need to win.
    Going X-0 or 0-X in a tournament- X revers to number of wins/losses you had.(ex: If you went 5-0, X would be 5).
    RH- Reverse Holographic card
    SD- Secret Deck
    LMK- Let Me Know
    IDK- I Dont Know
    FTW- For The Win
    IDC- I Don't Care
    T4/8/16/32- Top Cut of 4/8/16/32 people
    δ = hold the "Alt" key down and type "235"

    Current Tournaments:
    -BR- Battle Roads
    Battle Road Tournaments give players another opportunity to work on their premier ratings, potentially earning an invite and trip to Worlds. Prizes are 8 packs of latest set for first and a special trophy card. They are held in the sprin, and starting with the 2007-2008 season, the fall also.

    -CC- City Championship
    When players from a specific city come together to determine who is the City champion. Prizes for first place are usually: 18 packs of the latest set, a tote bag with various prizes and a medal.

    -SC- State Champioship
    Players from all over a state come together to play and become the State Champ. Prizes for first place are usually: 36 packs of the latest set, a tote bag with various prizes, and a trophy. They also get $300 travel allowance from Origins during the National Championships.

    -Regional Championships:
    Players from a specific Region come together to battle it out so he or she can become the Regional champion. Prizes for first place are usually : 36 packs of the latest set, a tote bag with various prizes, a trophy, $1500 scholarship and a Travel Award with Hotel Stay for the National Championships

    -National Championships; This is a big event where players from all over the country come together to determine who are the top players of their respective countries.

    -World Championships: An invite-only event where players around the world come together and play.

    -Grinder/Last Chance Qualifier: Tournament held the day before worlds where players can try to qualify last minute for the world championships.
    - Source WikiPedia

    Global Moderators

    Big Daddy Snorlax(BDS)

    Feature Writer:

    Front Page Article Moderators:
    Flaming Spinach

    TCG News Moderator:

    Single Cards: Strategy, Rulings, & Collecting Questions Moderator:

    Tournaments and organized play moderator:

    Trading Forum and Price Guide Discussion Moderators:

    Deck Help Moderators:

    The Following Are Credited To Swampert_Ex since I couldn’t explain it better myself:

    -Scrubs - A player who engages in a number of bad behaviors. Most scrubs are new players, but some are experienced. Some of the bad behaviors are deck copying, bad sportsmanship, and whining about "broken" cards in Pokemon (seriously).

    -Veteran or Pro - A seasoned knowledgable player of Pokémon

    -Draft format - Players don't bring their own deck to the tournament, but are given booster packs and can borrow basic energy cards at the venue. The players (preferably 8) sit down at a table with 6 booster packs each of Pokémon cards. All players open their first pack of cards at the same time. Everyone then takes one card from the pack they just opened and passes the rest of the cards in that pack to the person on their right who picks a card and passes the rest on to the right etc until the cars run out Then the players open a second pack and repeat the process, but this time passing to the left instead of the right. Deck size is smaller than ususal (40 cards - 4 prizes).

    -Current Modified format - Also known as the DX-on (Deoxys-on) format. Cards that were released prior to the Deoxys expansion aren’t allowed legal, but anything after that any card is legal, however, it has to be released in your countries language to be playable at tournaments. In addition, Re-printed cards are aloud (i.e. Potion, Energy Search).

    -Unlimited- All cards ever released in a countries language except Anciect Mew.

    -Professor - a professional 18+ player that has undergone a specific test to become a Professor..

    -Metagame - What everyone is playing in the area in question. If a good deck(type) is established, other "counter"-decks will develop to try to break the dominance.

    -Tech - A card that is put in a deck in a quantity of 1 or 2 to deal with specific threats (such as putting in a strength charm so you can get a One Hit Knock Out on a Pokemon that is usually just beyond the reach of a One Hit Knock Out.

    -Precon: Preconstructed Deck. These are commonly released when a new expansion is released.

    -Rogue deck: A deck that not only isn't an archetype, but is deliberately trying to do something different and unexpected.

    -Archetype deck: A particular distinctive type of deck. There may be a vast amount of different ones but they'll all have the same core strategies.

    Current archetypes in the DX-On Format:

    Delta/RaiEggs- Raichu d/ Exeggutor d deck that player Martin Moreno played at US Nationals 2006. He went undefeated with a 14-0 record. The decks uses other decks use of pokemon powers and bodies to its advantage. With the release of cessation crystal, the deck can now damage your pokemon powers and bodies, while you won’t be able to use them.

    For More Info On This Deck Visit:

    Destiny- Burst on to the scene at the State Championships in early 2007. This deck utilizes Mew Ex Legend Maker and various pokemon(like rayquaza ex d and exeggutor d) to beat the opponents with alarming speed. The founders of the deck, Jimmy Ballard and Zach Fisher, take great pride in their creation and stick by their comment that it is the best deck in the format.

    For More Info On This Deck Visit:

    R-Gon- The deck is Flygon delta/various delta pokemon It was originally used as a counter to the abundance of Flariados and Metanite roaming the Florida metagame, with cards like Holon GL and strength charm to beat Flariados, and lightning resistance to help against Metanite. The deck has evolved over the months and has changed its role as a metagame counter to a deck in the metagame that has become countered.- Credit Bolt

    For More Info On This Deck Visit:

    Flariados(Can also be called Donkados) : I am not entirely sure who came up with this deck(if anyone knows, please let me know), but it it involves Ariados Unseen Forces and Flareon Ex Delta Species. The idea of the deck is to use Ariados’s second attack, to bring up a pokemon from the bench or use it on the current active defending pokemon, and then on the next turn you play Flareon Ex and use it’s Pokemon Power, Evolutionary Flame, to make the defending Pokemon burned and confused, then you use Ariados’s first attack to do 70 damage for a single grass energy card.

    For More Info On This Deck Visit:

    Bandoom or Boom: The pokemon in this deck are Banette Ex Legend Maker and Houndoom Unseen Forces. The idea is to do as much damage as you can as fast as you can by discarding supporters from your hand by using other supporters such as TV Reporter and Holon Adventurer. With the release of Shuppet Crystal Guardians, the deck became a major threat at any tournament. The accompaniment to Banette Ex is Houndoom from Unseen Forces. With a small bench your opponent can only play supporters from there hand.

    For More Info On This Deck Visit:

    Metanite: This deck has been able to handle all the new cards(like Shiftry Ex Crystal Guardians) that were supposed to make it fall off the face of the earth. This is probably the most versatile deck in the current format. The main pokemon are Holon's Castform for setup, Dragonite d Delta Species and Metagross d Delta Species. This deck is the most versatile because any card in the format can be a tech in the deck. From Groudon Ex to Sceptile Ex d to Lugia Ex, this deck can accompany any pokemon.

    For More Info On This Deck Visit:

    MSNBC-Anyone who’s heard of LBS knows what we’re going for here. You want to start with one of your optimal starters Beldum, or Castform (B and C from before). With one of these and a Mentor, you can get your whole deck setup really nice. You want to get out a Nidoqueen ASAP, as well as a Steelix (or its earlier stage not worth mentioning), and pile energy on it. Get a Metagross DX or 2 in play, then retreat/Briney/Sacrifice the Castform and smash stuff with Steelix. Setup Latios*, Latios ex, and your other auxiliary attackers as needed.

    Past Archtypes:

    Archetypes of the 2005-2006 Season Which was HL-On(Click on Name if Deck To Visit It's Thread):
    Rock-Lock-Dark Ampharos TRR/Dark Tyranitar TRR

    Mewtric-Mew Ex LM/Manectric Ex DX

    SMP-Scizor Ex/Metagross Ex/Pidgeot FRLG

    LudiCargo-Ludicolo DX/Magcargo DX

    LBS-Lugia Ex UF/Blastoise Ex FRLG/Steelix Ex UF

    Queendom-Nidoqueen FRLG/Pidgeot FRLG

    Powdacham-Medicham Ex Emerald/POW! Hand Extension TRR

    Liability- Victreebel FRLG/Weezing DX

    ZRE-Zapdos Ex FRLG/Rayquaza Ex DX/Electrode Ex FRLG

    Turn 2 Dark Steelix-Dark Steelix TRR

    T2 Dark Slowking-Dark Slowking TRR

    If I am forgetting things or you think I should add something just let me know ; )

    Thank You,
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    Add Mewtrick(NO, it is not dead!) and Metanite, and Houndoom does shut down DP Stadiums.
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    edited the houndoom and added metanite, however, im not going to add mewtric unless more people suggest it because it has seemed to float into oblivian

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    If you are willing to keep this updated (and take some of the abbreviations from the other thread) i'll sticky this one and remove the other.

    GloMods - SD_Pokemom & BJJ763
    Admins - everyone you currently list as GloMods (which is technically correct as Admins are also GloMods).

    More references for you to add:
    é = hold the "Alt" key down and type "130"

    For the decks, i would bold the name of the deck and leave the rest unbolded. I would also have a section of "Past Archetypes" and as the Current ones rotate out, just move the name of the deck with the link to that section - all text goes away. So that Bandoom/Boom would be listed in a few months. If you can find some of the old Archetypes, you can list those in that section.
    δ = hold the "Alt" key down and type "235"
    The Compendium
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    " Tom Hanks- Castaway"

    Please get rid of that...=(

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    You forgot Jungle on your list of sets since Base Set.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shino Bug Master
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    put in more abbreviations, like, IDC= I don't care, and stuff like that...

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    "FTW = for the win" isn't on there.
    T E A M M I S S I N G N O

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    You don't mention what effect being asleep has
    Paralyzed pokémon can't reatreat either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucario EX View Post
    Add Mewtrick(NO, it is not dead!)
    It really is a figment of what it once was (I'm gonna hear it on Saturday now )

    TV = Town Volunteers
    TVR = TV Reporter

    Common shorthand for exs were to take the first letter of the name and and add -ex. So, Rex = Rayquaza ex (specifically Dragon, I think); Bex = Blaziken ex (also Dragon). Got some laughs when it came to Sceptile ex, but I think the practice has fallen from popularity. Haven't read or heard it in a long while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PokePop View Post
    The text tells you the answer.

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    BJJ: What abbreviations should i take from the other thread(PM Me)
    Ultima: Fixing that now
    Nance: Added FTW
    Shadow: What are some ex's that are referred to as ?Ex right now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadHatter View Post
    Shadow: What are some ex's that are referred to as ?Ex right now?
    I'm not aware of any recently. Like I said, I think the usage fell out of practice.

    Birthday Pikachu is legal in Unlimited. There are no banned cards in Unlimited. Ancient Mew is just not playable because it was never released in English.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PokePop View Post
    The text tells you the answer.

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    ok, edited that and added the acrhetypes from the 2005-2006 Season

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    Flyex = Flygon ex
    Gardex = Gardevoir ex
    Gardy = Gardevoir
    Rayray, Rayex = Rayquaza ex

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    C - Colorless ( Pokémon type)
    D - Dark (Energy card / Pokémon type)F - Fighting (Energy card / Pokémon type)
    G - Grass (Energy card / Pokémon type)
    L - Lightning (Energy card / Pokémon type)

    Needs a space after Dark... otherwise gj

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    Quote Originally Posted by pichu bros. rox View Post
    Flyex = Flygon ex
    Gardex = Gardevoir ex
    Gardy = Gardevoir
    Rayray, Rayex = Rayquaza ex
    No, that's just Flex I believe.

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    MSN-BC is missing in the archetypes section ...
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