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    Skarmory Ex

    ok i saw this in another thread:
    No, retreating means paying the retreat cost and moving the Active to the Bench. Attacks, Poke-Powers, Poke-Bodies and trainers that switch the Active do not count as retreating.

    does that mean if i have latios ex d(DF) out and retreat a latias d(any kind) it doesnt take 3 damage counters?

    i think it does but not sure

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    When I refered to a Poke-Body not counting as retreating, I meant a Poke-Body that moved the Active to the Bench. In the case of Latios ex d(DF) the Poke-Body is setting the retreat cost to zero. You are still retreating the Pokemon, even though the body makes it a free retreat, so the 3 damage counters would be placed.

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