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Thread: Chaining PokeRadar Exclusives

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    Chaining PokeRadar Exclusives

    So i'm trying to chain Nidoran M, on Diamond (2% chance to encounter the first), but thats not my issue.

    My issue is keeping a chain of the rare PokeRadar exclusives past 25 or so. Is there some sort of trick to these compared to the others?

    I follow the simple rules of:

    1. Repels
    2. Don't go to patches that are on edges/corners etc
    3. Only go to a patch if you see 4 patches shaking
    4. Go to the furthest patch, that is at LEAST 4 steps away

    These ar'nt my issues really, I just can't seem to chain the rare ones on a consistant basis. If anyone has any other tips, let me know

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    Sometimes I find it better not to go to a patch that is right beside another...I've broken a few chains doing that =/
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    Ya, I never do that either, forgot to add that.

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    Yeah, Nidoran (m) is nearly impossible to chain on Diamond, but super easy to chain on Pearl. It's the other way around for the female nidoran.
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    Sigh ya. If it didn't take 30mins to an hour just to find One Nidoran Male, it wouldnt be so bad.

    if anyone can chain a Jolly Nidoran Male for me, I have over 50 different shinies I could offer, PM me if you can/know you can do it

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