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    electivire lv x

    hello. I have a dude with the attack of electivire.

    I had a judge in a exibition tournament in my city and i have a trouble with a duel where one of the decks haves a electivire lv x. This player put in play a stadium card and realizes the lv x attack with all of his effects (prevent effects and damage and discard the stadium) I stop this move because electivire lv x gains inmune if the stadium or tool are of THE opponent pkmn. is that true or I'm wrong??

    in others citys of my country some of the players play electyvire lv x discarting his own stadium and gain inmunity.

    my decision was true or i wrong in stop the attack??

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    The Tools and Stadiums discarded must be your opponent's if you attack with Pulse Barrier. You can neither discard your own stadium nor get any effect from it.
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