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Thread: pokemon get ban list?

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    ^And so you buy more.
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    Having a Ban list would totally destroy the game. You should
    be able to play around a Certain card if your so worried about
    it instead of trying to get it Banned.
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    too simple: first ban blissey, gallade and absol.
    after ban magmortar, then ban feraligatr, then gardevoir, then whatever...

    imo as i talked in another topic, pokémon should have 2 ranked formats: "extended" and "standart". it'd be waaaaaaaay funnier.
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    We have a banned list. It's called modified.

    Besides if we did our banned list the same way yugioh did. You'd take out all the draw trainers and most of the good holos, really fun isn't it?
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    Sneasel was meant to be played in an environment where Energy Removal and Super Energy Removal were played and able to be used (meaning no broken Slowking). Sneasel probably wouldn't be able to do much with those running around.
    Too bad, basic Dark energy counters that....! Sneasal is undeniably broken now because of that.

    And WHY should Pokemon have a Ban List? It means that half the cards are unplayable. Does that sound fun? No. Yes, sets are rotated, but at least you can still play them at league and Unlimited Tournaments. So, why should Pokemon have a Ban List. That is not the point of card games; to make broken cards and then to ban them. This is just one of the reasons I like Pokemon but not Yu-Gi-Oh.
    As far as I know, there's no sanctioned Unlimited tournaments. Great, I cannot compete be (officially) the greatest player with my old cards. D: But I agree, Modified should never have a ban list though because it is created to be balanced after every rotation.

    Banning cards is unfair on everybody. When you purchase booster packs, you expect the contents to be usable at tourneys. Unless POP allowed you to trade-in the banned cards for a special playable promo, it's a scam not to be able to use what you pull.
    Modified says hi.

    *buys a Delta Species pack* Oh no, I cannot use the cards in tourneys.... ;-;

    Quote Originally Posted by Articjedi View Post
    We have a banned list. It's called modified.

    Besides if we did our banned list the same way yugioh did. You'd take out all the draw trainers and most of the good holos, really fun isn't it?
    Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh are not the same game. They would not have the same ban list. The reason draw cards are banned is because the deck size is smaller and Exodia. On the other hand, Pokemon has no equivalents.

    Oh, and keep in mind, the only place I feel a ban list is worth it is Unlimited. If anyone has played Magic: The Gathering, it would be much like Legacy format. And no, I would not do the same mistake Yu-Gi-Oh does and ban every card that won their world championships. I'd only ban cards that have no drawbacks whatsoever (like Energy Removal and Rocket's Sneak Attack) and limit cards that do have drawbacks but inheritly powerful (like Proffesor Oak and Super Energy Removal). That way, the feel of Unlimited stays nearly the same and a lot more cards, especially those from Modified format, are more usable.

    EDIT: P.S. If anyone is confused on where I am resolute, it is no ban list for Modified and if there is going to be one, it should be applied to Unlimited (and I do want sanctioned unlimited tourneys as well lol)
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    Yeah, POP won't ban anything.
    What's worth banning anyway?
    Don't say Absol or Blissey or Gallade or Magmortar.
    They really aren't THAT great. I will admit they are very good cards, but people really need to understand that they aren't the only playable cards in the game.
    They are powerhouses, and they are very good no doubt but nowhere near unbeatable.
    I doubt there will ever be another Slowking Season. That was the format where the ONLY deck that could do well had Slowking in it, OR it heavily countered Slowking.
    NO format has ever been that Archetype focused, EVEN IN THE LBS era, we had a lil diversity like RaiEggs and Medicham.
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    the day they turn pokemon into yugiho is the day i quit playing poke, why make cards you cant play?

    i also dont understand why everone complains about banning absol or gallade or what ever it is this week

    just build a deck to counter it, its only time before a card comes out that counters it

    i honestly enjoy that the best, trying to figure out how to counter the metagame decks

    but i dunno


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