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Thread: The US Champs Report & No Wristplays Needed!

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    The US Champs Report & No Wristplays Needed!

    So If I had to describe how I feel right now It'll go a lil something like this!

    "Back then they didn't want me, now I'm hot and they all on me"
    "Back then they didn't want me, now I'm hot and they all on me - I SAID"
    "Back then they didn't want me, now I'm hot and they all on me"
    "Back then they didn't want me, now I'm hot and they all on me - I SAID"

    If yall dont know where thats from its from that hit song by Mike Jones aka Back Then
    Heres the edited version of the song for the pokegym which is PG appropiate.

    "Plox is no longer Plox. Im changing the name to G-Plox. If you don't like it then don't let me win worlds. If you dont stop me im gonna just rename the deck yet again!"

    Friday Morning: Around 3am I fell asleep and I set my alarm clock for 330am because my flights at 6am. I woke up at 430 an HOUR LATE!!! I had 5 minutes before my ride would have left. Idk how I showered and threw on clothes within 5 minutes but I did. I head to tha airport and make the plane with 4 minutes to play with. Im also glad I didnt forget my ipod. The plane tookoff at 6 and im in ohio by 1045.

    Before going into nationals I heard some stuff about lafonte making t-shirts trying to dis my wristplays ideas from the beginning of this season. I brush dem shoulders off and holla at sum players about how they wasted dey money. Well turns out those t-shirts were definetly a waste of 30 dollars! Get cha refunds hataz! On the real I flew out to nats and got at origins around 11am. I rounded the fellas up and we started to scout what everybody was playing. EmoZong was big like we suspected but I was suprised in the more interest in Zong than Omastar. I was also a little suprised in the lack of interest in Plox and why more people used GG. I guess its because the fear of empoleon.

    My Plox has like 3 different versions so I was debating which one to play for saturday. I knew I was gonna play my plox for nationals because im amazing with that deck and I have gotten 2nd & 2nd with it at states and regionals. I also got 2nd and 2nd with it due to bad starts and now that its fixed I feel like a beast! I never even playtested my decklist so while I was at states and regionals I suffered some huge consistancy problems. So going into nationals with a faster list but the concept still being the same I kinda feel unstopable. Now that I've been testing it I completly feel comfortable with it even though my empoleon list could cream it but I knew I wouldnt face any empoleons like the way I built it. Sorry fellas if yall feel im being cocky its just my Guidoness!

    So we all bounced ta the hotel at 9pm. Me, muk, and p-trickz tested decks until 5am. The other three heads with us (darrel, brian, and eric got sleep earlier because they all knew they were playing empoleon tommorow.) We stayed at a hotel like 10 miles away from nats cuz it was like 40 dollars a night. Anyway Muk decided to play Turbo Bliss over 9'sCatty. I gave my card for card regionals decklist to p-trickz who switched it up a little and did horrible at nats. Muk Man ended up making a decklist that wasnt his actual decklist and suffered for it at nationals. I think you were the first kid to actual win even with 4 night maintenance in your deck. :( Sorry kidd ya'll get em at LCQ I promise!!! I end up sleeping at 530 and wake up at 730.

    For nationals I wanted ta make a team but it would be different then all the other teams. We all wore black bandanas SIX SHOOTER style around are necks! Mostly were all from that north-east which made it even cooler. We just make a team and we won nationals. Ya'll can call us UnderGround iight! We came up wit that team name of Underground because we've always been underrated and were better than more then half these dudez that think dey sumthing. So if they think they the mainstream of the game we just gonna have ta put em check. We worked on Emp & Plox for nats and just made dem better. My emp deck can smash on my Plox deck all day except I refuse to play a deck that does Dual Splash all game. I love more options, more attacks, and my G-Plox was nasty!

    Ladiez, Fellaz, and Guidos! HERES MY REPORT!!!

    Saturday Day 1:

    R1 - Beedrill
    I start with ralts to his weedle. I roseannes research for phione + shroomish and make a wish for breeloom with scramble in my hand. I focus on gallades and Breeloom and swept his deck 0-5 on prizes. I won 2-5 on prizes on time but we played it out.

    R2 - Skittles
    Omg Im first and I start with shroomish. I attach and do 10. He has a mew ex, baltoy, and hoho benched. He has togepi active and got heads with look for friends. I then noticed to get a quick p-lock going to play jirachi ex and start using what I like to call Mini-Psychic Lock aka Shield Beam for a P. It was for a P because he has mew ex out and I didnt see why he had mew ex in his deck but he said its to know when to play wager cuz wager hurts skittles. Anyway jirachi and gardy locks in all game. He doesnt draw a prize.

    R3 - EmoZong
    I got t3 Psychic lock and I he starts with baltoy. I snagged 4 prizes quickly and then I started fooling around thinking the match was ova. I stopped using claydoll, wager, and powers and energy attachments. He has 7 cards and does RC + EMP + SCRAMBLE + 3 BENCH 80 to my gallade who had 50 on it. Im like whoa! A minute ago he just has 6 card hand now that. I was madd I didnt play wager the turn before. But when my misplays looked like I had the game lost. Bring down won me the game for my last two prizes.

    R4 - Garchomp
    I start with shroomish again! Like r u serious! I also have a doo doo hand. His is bad too. He draws 20+ cards no garchomp. If I could have kept a lock going early I would have been in good shape but his setup and options were too fast for mine. I lost 2-3 on prizes and time was called. He also got the good heads or tails with togekiss when ever he needed them. Really good game tho. I would have lost if we continued anyway.

    R5 - Magnezone Rogue
    I get t3 p lock with plenty of backup and proceed to sweep this rogue varient.

    R6 - GG
    This guy plays yugioh so I figure he'd be running GG or EMP cuz ygo = ALL METAGAME DECKS. lol. I knew he played yugioh because he had a yugioh playmat. Anyway I was right and he was playing GG. Anyway I get T2 G-Plox and swept his deck.

    R7 - MagLutions
    I know I can beat this deck but never playtested against it. I debate between Gallade and Gardy T3. I had a feeling Gardy was the right choice but I went off strategy and used gallade and noticed letting leafon lv.x's poke power was a very bad mistake. I lose this game badly. If I went gardy plock early his options would have been limited. I should have just went straight g-plox all game but didn't.

    R8 - GG
    My deck is really just built for mirror match because of my techs and energy line. Well anyway this game was just me keeping in psychic lock for pretty much the whole game and then I brung down for 1-2 prizes.

    R9 - GG
    She had T2 Gallade on me so I knew I was in some trouble. She was sweeping my setup and I had to play smart but there was like 10 minutes left and she has 2 prizes left and I have 4. I proceed to play really smart g-plox and make a comeback and win with just about under 3 minutes left in the game. I really liked this lady because not only did she play a good game but when I asked how much time was left she didn't try and run the clock on me like alot of players would. Great game I thought u had me. See ya at worlds.

    TOP 64 - GG

    G1: This is literially the same guy I faced in round 6. Anyway this round he gets a way better setup then he had in swiss and I have t3 gardevoir. Each time he does furret I do wager + psylock. I refused to give him any setup. I played a 4 bench all game just because of dusknoir.
    G2: This game he got T2 Gardy or T2 Gallade on me and starting smashing my deck. I make a comeback and start getting back into the game. He makes a crucial misplay with not attackin with dusknoir at once and that ended up costing him the game.

    Sunday Day 2:

    TOP 32 - WigglyLutions

    G1: I played really smart g-plox on this kid. No errors and I waited for him to strike first. I kept the breeloom in my hand so when he played umbreon so I could go Shroomish + candy + breeloom = suprise! I ended up winning this game and it was back to back because I got plox out T5 so I won with 15 minutes left.
    G2: Theres about 15 minutes left and to actually see if he can beat me I play blazing fast. The judge comes over and says he wont let me stall him out which doesnt make sense when I am playing incredibly fast. Anyway he gets an amazing start this game T2 leafon and he needs amazing to beat me under 15 minutes. Theres like probably about 2 minutes left and I face a crucial decision of bringing down his leafon benched or psychicing locking with wager. I count his other leafon on the bench to see how much damage it could do if I didnt bring it down. I tried counting the damage and looking threw my opponents discard pile to see how many energy he used and could possibly have left. The judge thinks im slow playing and I tell em that whatever the time comes down to he can give em extra turns because i wanted to play a game and the moves I were doing could have 100% affecting me. I decided not to count the damage and teleportatin my lv.x to my gallade and ko him and he does 130 with no time remaining.
    G3: We shuffle are decks and set 1 prize each. Since its accordly a whole new game I dont choose who goes first I have to flip a coin. I win the flip and start with ralts to his eevee. I put it to sleep. He stays asleep. My turn I rare candy + gallade + dre and psychic cut 90 for the win!

    TOP 16 - GG

    G1: I start with ralts and so does he. Im first and I do 20. He attaches and does 20. I evo to kirlia and dre for 30. He plays bench and does 30. I evo to gardevoir and do p lock. He draws and scoops.
    G2: I start with ralts + call energy and he starts with sentret + call energy. I get a psylock going. When he trys to plock me I just breeloom it for the multiple koes and then put the lock in. He draws 2-3 prizes off a gardy, breeloom, and something else and other then that I swept this game.

    TOP 8 - EmoZong

    G1: I had t3 Psychic lock with wager and the game looked it was going my way. The judge called slow play on me because there was a rule that says I have to play a card every 10 seconds and I was taking 15-22 seconds during turns to make a play of cards. Ive never heard of this ruling and he shows me were it is written and I look at it briefly and still question it. I explained to the judge as a judge you also are a player and that rule should apply to a small hand but when I had over 13+ cards in my hand its almost hard to make a play or the right play in 10 seconds. When I have 15 cards in my hand I have 10 seconds to make a play? I tried fighting the situation with a driving analogy of how we drive 30 mph in a 25 mph zone and police dont think its a huge deal and thats how I looked at this ruling. Anyway he calls this on me 5 times and I get a caution, warning, prize penalty, game loss, and a 10 minute time extension against me. To stay out of anymore trouble I agreed with the judge and just took the game loss and decided to play 800 MPH!!!! BLAZING FAST!!! FOR THE NEXT GAME!!! *Also I would have won this game too but o well.* He also prized key cards but the ruling wasnt his fault he played a really good game and even though he didnt want to win that way I would have took the win just as he did. I liked this kid alot he was madd chill.
    G2: I get turn 2 psychic lock and plently of backup. I think he prized 2 piplups or 2 scrambles this game im not sure but it took the insurance off of his comeback and allowed me to sweep with the little time I had left.
    G3: Theres under 10 minutes for the time extension left. My setup is complete doo doo but playable. He has dusknoir out and forgets to shuffle in my gallade on the bench thinking there was more time to do it next turn. Instead he shuffles in my kirlia. Time is called on my turn and I gallade + dre = 190 for the 1st prize and win on time. If he didnt make that misplay he would have won though but he thought there was more time left. Madd props kidd ill see ya at worlds!

    TOP 4 - Terra Squad

    G1: I was a table away from him from the previous round in top 8 and I remember seeing his red dice. I asked if he can go get them because my last opponent complained mines were too little so I didnt want any trouble. I had see through clear white dice and they were minis so you had to zoom in to see how much was on what. Anyway the judge gives him permission to go get his dice and everythings cool. He starts with treecko and rare candys into sceppy to ko my ralts. I draw I got gallade + scramble handed. I claydoll for 4 and whiff on rare candy. Im soo madd now because I know for a fact were gonna have a wicked tough game and man was I right. Im glad I playtested against Terra but im more madd his list was nothing like mines! Anyway I refuse to take the lead in prizes because of torterra lv.x. I made a misplay of not dreing + stadiuming a gallade on his torterra because he had 2 crystal beach in the discard and I thought he used 3-4. He only plays 2 which made it stink because I coulda put em to 50 hp left that turn. Anyway he prized a key night maintenance. We were back to back, blow for blow all game. I won with 2 bring downs at the end. I was also fortunate he got 3/4 tails on SSU. Thats a perfect example why I never play cards with coin flips.Great Game kid I cant wait ta see you at worlds!
    G2: Theres literially 14 minutes left he decides to play to see setup. He sees we both setup and theres no time to possibly come back in 14 minute and scoops. I wish em luck and cant wait to see em at worlds and I get ready for that finals!


    G1: I get t2 or t3 p-lock I cant remember. I know I had plenty of backup psychic locks on the bench but i decided to power up gallades and breeloom instead of keeping the psychic lock. I do attacks with breeloom and bring down rather then keep the lock in. I playtested Mirror match like crazy. The way my deck is built is unstopable against mirror match and why was I playing like this. All I know is that I had a million things on my mind at this time. The main thought that was going through my head was that I refused to get 2nd place, to come this far and let it all slip away, from where im from aka the north-east who is thee most underrated region of the United States and would never be considered worlds material. All these thoughts just built up inside and caused me to not think straight. I decided not to waste anymore time and just scoop and go to game 2. My buddy muk man tells the judge to give me some gum because he saw me misplaying like crazy and something was wrong. For some reason chewing gum just helped me focus and its really weird to describe. I really apreciate it from my boy. Were definetly boys for life muk man aka VA!!! 0-1
    G2: I get a t2 psychic lock almost identical as the first game and just focus on backup psychic locks and sweep his deck. He doesnt draw a prize.
    G3: I get a T3 Psychic lock and he had setup too. I used Jirachi ex, Breeloom, Gardy Lv.x, Gallade in this match. It was intense. I had 3 prizes left and I felt I could squeez out 3 prizes with bring down. Anyway I squeezed out a bring down and had 2 prizes to his 4. He plocks me. I bring down another pokemon and power up breeloom and its now 1-4 in prizes. He wagers me, wins the wager, and I cant get energy and kos me. Its 1-3 on prizes I sack something. He koes me and its 1-2 on prizes and immediately after he kos me time is called. I win 1-2 on prizes and top deck a roseannes research which would have equaled jirachi ex + energy. I really wanted to play this out but I was already national champ there was nothing more to prove!!!


    After nationals I truely learned that one of my favorite qoutes means something: "Dont ever let someone tell you that you can't do something. The only person that can stop you is you. You got a dream. You gotta protect it. People can't do something themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want something, go get it. PERIOD." - Will Smith

    If someone ever says this to you just remember gino did it! Theres a little insprirational motivation for ya. Geaaaaa!


    Being the 2008 United States Champion! With 532 masters! The largest pokemon event in history!

    Finally almost after 4 years playing this tcg I am finally the United States Champion!

    Team UnderGround for winning Nationals! The North-East + New England for reppresentin! Ya'll came up huge! 4/8 of TOP 8 is from New England + North-East = talk about serious improvement!

    The great Staff of nationals, pokemon usa, 2 flights of pairings, T64 top cut, and t16 invites for the masters due to a mistake!

    EVERYBODY FROM ITALY! Everybody on team italy! I will see ya'll at worlds! Ima finally meet my boy andceo and have an italian reunion with everybody! Muk Man, Edwin, Brian Garcia, Darrel, Eric, P-Trickz, Larry and his son, K-Weezy, aziz, All of my opponents at nats, the diaz's, tyler and jeremy jones, the coxes, the frezzas, the jessings, the bristows, the krupas, the fouchets, cappy!, the arenas, tom shea and his wife, Heidi craig and her family! BTW MADD PROPS TO YOUR SON WHO WON NATIONALS, Everybody from New England + northeastern territory, players that I met at florida regionals and got to joke around with, and anyone who is truely my boy or girl who believe in me and had a good time at nationals. Sorry If I forget anybody but their is too many ppl to give shout outs too.



    Haters & Fake people

    The ruling on playing a card every 10 seconds and the rushing ruling on my friend brian garcia!

    See everyone at worlds!!!
    Also please dont leave no hater comments! Thad be highly appreciated by tha champ! *If u want the names of my opponents pm me for them*. I will have a post on pictures I took at nationals uploaded in 2-3 days for the pokegym so please be patient. I took about 30+ pictures and even have a video!

    - Its Geo Baby
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    Good job, cya in Orlando ;)

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    Thumbs up

    hey dont know u personally or nething but congrats!!
    & plz post those pics/video becaus there barely are ne for us ppl who couldnt make it. =( 532 people geez sounded like fun
    thx in advance

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    you deserve this man. you didnt gif at all. see ya at worlds

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    ugh. soo many hard to read ;(

    gj on making this far, gino and hope to have a rematch

    congrats champ.

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    Congrats man, ya 30 bucks was definitely a waste just to try to mess with ya. Ill see you at worlds.
    Congrats to my son for winning Nationals 2011.

    HMU If you know SEO

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    great job man
    nice report, cya at worlds dude :)
    worlds =]

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    Well its your fault you went to sleep at 330 before going to ohio, you wanted to keep losing to me on apprentice :-P
    Great job guido champ, maybe the northeast will finally gets some respect!!

    YOU WON IT!!!
    oh JESUZ!!!
    Legion=too many ppl play pokemon from the bronx


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    Wow, I actually did know that song, I'm so gangster.


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    Great job Gino.

    I want the hat, the white one, lol.

    See ya at Worlds.
    PTO South Texas - Papa Beautiful

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    I think we were sitting next to eachother round 1. I see Breloom and... huh?
    But I guess it worked

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    Way to go Gino!

    looking forward to seeing you at worlds again.
    PokemonAllianceIn the Netherlands

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    Great Job Gino! Way to represent for NorthEast

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    Making New England proud
    Have Wants

    From the womb to the tomb, presume the unpredictable
    Gun salute life, rapidly, that's the ritual

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    Nice job Gino. Wish I could have been there to see you do it. Nice job representin for the Northeast, keep doin it big.

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    The North-East + New England for reppresentin! Ya'll came up huge! 4/8 of TOP 8 is from New England + North-East = talk about serious improvement!
    Yes good job to you Gino with all the hatin and pressure on you. Also Good job to all NorthEast competitors. Im proud of each and every one of you (Even the ones that didnt do so good). Repesent at Worlds now!!
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    edwin got some serious issues ;]

    but yea gj gino ;]

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    You made all the italians PROUD OF YOU!
    Compliments, and i hope ALL the best for you!

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    Great Job Gino!!

    It was a pleasure getting to play you in that one Side Modified!

    Btw, your Top 8 Opponent is from my area, whom I playetest against ALL the time!
    Team Ft. Worth | Team TEXAS
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    Northeast wrecked this event. Me, Magnechu, Gino, Ortiz Bros, and the rest...
    3rd Worlds '10

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwis View Post
    edwin got some serious issues ;]

    but yea gj gino ;]
    PFFT!!! The only issues i got are......dude i have some serious issues

    Legion=too many ppl play pokemon from the bronx


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    Gratz man. WTG with some nice techs too. Glad you got the win, and c u at worlds! (You dont know me but... )
    Proud member of Hot Tie Society! I made my ballin avatar
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    Gino -

    Great win.

    Very pleased how you stepped up the pace of play and made some unbelievable moves.

    The North East has a lot to be proud of, including you. NE Folks were well represented in the three age divisions.

    Play like you did in T4 and T2 and Worlds is yours.

    PokeDaddy - Proud Dad of TT
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    Dude, an elite title they can never take from you!

    Great job.

    PTO for the ST. LOUIS area!
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