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Thread: Double Rainbow + evolving into ex's

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    Exclamation Double Rainbow + evolving into ex's

    Can you attach a double rainbow energy to a poke, then evolve it to an ex? Does it get discarded? Because I beleive the card says "You cannot ATTACH this card to an ex Pokemon."

    Like to know, thanks.


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    This one has been answered. You should check the Compendium when you have questions like these. It can be quite helpful.

    Q. If I have a Double Rainbow Energy attached to my Kirlia and then I evolve it into Gardevoir-EX, do I have to discard the DRE or does it get to stay?

    A. If the Double Rainbow Energy was already attached to a non-EX-Pokémon, then you have to remove it when the Pokémon evolves into an EX-Pokémon. (Mar 25, 2004 PUI Rules Team)

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